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Muhle Intro Razors (Vivo, Rytmo, Liscio)

Anyone have experience with the Vivo, Rytmo, and Liscio razors from Muhle? I found one or two posts mentioning them but very little real information or experience on how they actually compare to the standard style of razors.


I was originally looking at an r89 or 2013 r41 as my first DE razor but since these are roughly the same price and have a more clean/modern look they caught my attention. Pending confirmation from a vendor I am assuming that the open/closed heads are the same as the r89 and 2013 r41 heads so that is simple enough but what does everyone think about the handles?

Are they more or less comfortable or would they require a different technique or skill to use effectively? Do you think the weight balance or other aspects of the razors could make them a better or worse choice than the more common designs? As an additional comparison, would the more tapered handle in the Modern->Stylo/Kosmo lines be better or worse for anyone?

Also, how do you think they would do in a common stand like the https://www.muehle-shaving.com/shop/accessories/holders/1/razor_and_brush_stand/6/25/S_9711? Part of the appeal of these razors is that they look nice enough to leave out but if they get scratched or don't fit into the stand then it isn't really a benefit anymore (and unfortunately the line-specific stands designed to hold them cost more than the razor and brush combined!)
I didn't realize Muhle had these lines out, but I cannot imagine them using anything other than R89 or R41 heads on them. Muhle has used their standard heads on special edition razors in the past, so they surely will this time. There has been zero buzz about a new Muhle head.

I think you will find the longer and probably heavier handle an improvement. The stock handles on the R89 and R41 razors that I own were too light, even the Grande. I don't think any special skill will be required.

As for the stand, I think and stand that holds the razor by the head should work. Should. That's part of the risk of buying these special edition razors. They may only work with Muhle equipment. I've had my Muhle for a year now, and haven't used a stand. It doesn't have a scratch on it. There are some unconventionally designed stands on the market that may hold it as well.
I can only find these lines at a few stores and only one has them for a decent price. Even they only have a few of the options available but it's better than nothing.

Good to hear your thoughts on the handles for sure!

What do you do with your razor between shaves? I could just put it in the drawer but that's not very decorative of course. I don't feel the need for a brush stand but it would be nice to have the razor held up off the counter and looking nice. I was thinking of possibly that Edwin Jagger crescent shaped razor stand and then just put the brush(es) stood up next to it. That way I can have 2 brushes and not have OCD worries about one being in the stand and one on the counter. Looks like the razor could be a tight fit though. Only $20 to try it I guess.
I agree with Jeff - I think the heads are the same as the R89 or the R41. As for stands, I bought a $20 Japanese bowl with dragons on it and keep my brush in it. I'd put my razor in there if there weren't kids around from time to time.
I'm not so worried about the weight because it's my first DE razor and I don't have any preference yet.

I did order the VIVO razor and brush. I prefer the styled look to that of the straight handles. It should arrive sometime next week so we will see how it is in person. Once I get a little experience with it I will post some sort of review or more information on it. Hopefully it's a good one :)
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