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Mug Needed?

If i use this- it defeats the purpose of a mug, correct?

I guess it could. I usually use the mug to soak my brush in hot water before using it. If you just use the tap to do it, I guess it would! =) It also depends on if you lather on the face or in the mug/bowl.
When I use soaps, I swirl in the soap dish for bit to get the brush loaded with soap and then move to the mug/bowl to actually build the lather.
If you lather on your face and only do 1-pass, i.e. do not relather then this is fine alone. If you re-lather then a mug sitting in hot water in your sink will keep your brush and ambient lather warm which makes a huge difference in the quality of your shave. I'm personally not a bit advocate of lathering in a mug/bowl but obviously if someone is they would need that as well.
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