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Mühle V2.0 Silvertip Drying Time

I have three of these (19 mm, 21 mm and 23 mm) and I am considering taking along one of them for an extended trip. I realize they dry much more quickly than badgers, but after reading the manufacturer's description a second time, I now wonder if the knot would dry completely within 24 hours.

Here is the manufacturer's description:

"High-quality synthetic fibres, a world first: a premium quality developed in-house analogously to natural silvertip badger. Silvertip Fibres are tangibly soft, extremely long-lasting & somewhat less sensitive in everyday use, as water drips off them and they dry faster than natural hair. The completely vegan friendly fibre quickly creates a particularly creamy lather from shaving soaps and creams. High-grade resin requires expert craftsmanship. The material is turned from round rods and polished. Handles in this design are highly durable and possess excellent haptic properties."

Up until now, I have traveled with three badger brushes.

I wonder if it wouldn't be safer to take along two Mühle V2.0 Synthetics (I have three in my possession) just to ensure compete drying between use. At the same time, I am a packing minimalist and I would not want to take an extra brush if a single brush would dry completely within 24 hours.

I welcome anyone's opinion/thoughts on the matter I have presented.

Just imagine if all the concerns in today's world were as serious as this one. :blush:
Yes, it will dry completely in 24 hours. Just shake out all the water, fluff it with a dry towel, and it will be dry in just a few hours.

Besides, not drying completely won't hurt these brushes at all. Worst case scenario is you have to clean the brush a little when you get home.
It'll dry in 24 hours.

I did notice that my 23mm v2 took far longer to dry than my 19mm v1. It's one of the reasons for why I sold it. I could consider the 19mm v2 at some point in future.
I've noticed mine will dry in 12 hours or so if I do a good job of rinsing, shaking, and drying the tips on a towel.
Thanks for the FYI. Just got this in the mail. 24 hours means I might need another brush.


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As others have said, it dries in far less than 24 hours. The 23mm Muhle has been my exclusive travel brush for more than six months. I shake the water out, towel dry it, and then if it is damp when I am ready to leave I use a hair dryer on cool and mission accomplished.
My 23 takes definitely less than 24 hours, probably less than 12. I shake well, fluff a bit with towel and shake again.
I am also thinking about buying a synthetic brush for travel because it is reputed to dry much quicker than my badger brushes. But I doubt I could give it anywhere near 24 hours for it to dry out. My routine during the last day of a trip is I shower, shave, dress, pack up my toilet kit, and check out of lodging. That would take slightly more than an hour, maybe two hours if I inserted a breakfast into that routine. The only thing I could do to ensure the brush is completely dry is carefully use a hair dryer on it. The only time I've packed a small hair dryer is when I fly to a destination to flyfish. I use the hair dryer to dry out the flies in my boxes, since I usually get them wet or damp.
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