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Muehle-Pinsel new offering

madmedic said:
That looks great.....but if I bought one like that....I would need a carbon handled DE:biggrin:


I am sure they would be more than happy to fullfill your request.:biggrin:
The new M-P looks very nice. I have one of their less expensive silvertips in buffalo horn with gold plated accents. It's much softer than my usual Simpsons and Taylors but I enjoy it with cream soaps. The price/quality is outstanding. The new one is about 3X the cost of M-P's main lineup, so it will face stiff (both literally and figuratively) competition from the other high end brush makers. The shape of the handle will also make for some challenges in designing a brush stand - the trumpet bell end on most brush handles makes an easy way to hold the brush for drying. I look forward to seeing some reviews of the new carbon soon.
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