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MS Explorer 9.0

Has anyone tried the new MS Explorer 9.0? I read a favorable review in the paper the other day but I am curious to see if anyone on the forum has tried it yet.
Haven't tried it, not likely to.

I heard that it doesn't support XP. Don't know if that's true or not.

I prefer Firefox.


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nooo, use opera!

one of the guys in my office tried it and it completely crashed his machine - i wouldnt get it just yet. Thats my standard MO for any MS product, wait until a couple of patches for it are released and its usable before I go for it.
I've stopped doing beta testing of software because I simply don't need the hassle. I'll wait until the final release comes out.
I've heard that the big selling point for it at this point is that it sucks a lot less than previous IE versions and is almost as good as chrome/firefox/opera. There's nothing about that that makes me want to use it. Probably a worthwhile upgrade for those who for some reason still use IE, but for most of us who abandoned it years ago no reason to switch back. If you try it though I'd be interested to hear your opinion.
I've stopped doing beta testing of software because I simply don't need the hassle. I'll wait until the final release comes out.
Internet Explorer is only in it's first beta release. It's got a ways to go before it is officially released as final.

My "go to" tech news site says IE9 is faster and more standards compliant than IE8, but has a long ways to go before regaining the leader position for the browser savvy public.

now back to your regularly scheduled thread.

Once they added extensions it was a no brainer for me.The new tab sorting feature of Firefox 4 looks pretty cool, but I don't see myself switching.

As for Internet Explorer 9, it looks like they have made some great progress, but at this point I can't see why I would use it over Chrome or Firefox.
Rich, I have pretty much given up on Internet Explorer. It does not seem to ever be as good as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Plus, Microsoft does not support Apple, so that makes it a little more difficult for me to even try out.

I have used Firefox for years now and love it. I just cannot get into Chrome, though.
Noooooooooo, don't do it, new Microsoft products are usually buggy until after the 2nd set of patches, taking a chance on MS "Beta" software that's like shaving with a Fusion that don't make no sense :lol:
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