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mr-razor.com exceeds 10,000 hits

Congrats (and thanks!) to mr-razor whose website homepage at mr-razor.com has had more than 10,000 hits.

Thank you, Achim, for your fantastic site...:thumbup:
Very nice, Achim! Anyone who visits your site is appreciative of the hard work that you put into it to provide the rest of us a reference to Gillette razors!



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That's great, a lot of us are responsible for that... :thumbup:
Well done Achim,

Probably about 1000 of those hits are mine :001_tt2:

It's the first resource I go to when researching :001_smile

Absolutely fantastic resource.
Achim's site is a resource and a jewel for collectors and collector wannabees (like me) everywhere! Thanks Achim!!
I'd have to admit that I look at that site every day :thumbup:

hey achim, I spotted an small error. On the tech page you have

1950s ?

Fat handle Tech

Made in England

It's not a fat handled tech, the handle is the same pattern as a fat handled tech, but it's a bit shorter and smaller diameter than a fat tech.
The old english fat handled tech came in a bakelite box 2x the height and a little wider. A fat handled tech wouldn't fit in that little bakelite case and I think it's from the 1940s or earlier.
Sorry for the blurry mobile phone photos (my proper camera isn't handy). But you can see the difference in size however slight, and the fact that a regular fat handled tech can't actually fit inside that case here http://pict.com/album/19246/d9f9133fb1
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Very cool news indeed! I find that I go there often to identify razors as well. I can see why he gets so many hits with the community here being so huge, and because it's a great database he put together. Way to go Achim! :thumbup:
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