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Mowing With The Hone

Received the Hone razor in SS the other day. Saw it in another post and thought "that's a good looking razor in a nice minimalist way". So I ordered one, the SS is marginally lighter than the brass version.
Still, this puppy weighs in at 161 gms. Definitely a solid and hefty razor. Honestly, I'm not sure why a hollow handle wouldn't have made a bit more sense, but then perhaps manufacturing costs would rise. The hollow handle would've made the razor more head-centric as far as weight distribution is concerned because right now it's handle oriented as to weightiness.
This is definitely a "let the weight of the razor do the work" kind of instrument. Now, it came with a Feather blade, so I thought, lets do it.
Surprise! A very easy shave, mild, comfortable and no drama. Kind of "Cart like" if you will. My second shave was more of the same, mild etc. You do need a couple of passes and for me, some buffing. But no irritation, weepers etc. I like it, which considering it aint cheap is a good thing.
It's not the most nimble of razors, but then I do wear a moustache and goatee so I'm not concerned with under nose, chin or any other area where maneuverability is a necessity.
This "hammeresque" razor is a good shaver, but you do need to be aware of some limitations. Cost is high when compared to some other more efficient razors but I do like the looks and mildness. Also, the finish and machining are top-notch. Really well made and finished. Nicely packaged and the knowledge you're a part of a small mfg concern is also kinda attractive.
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