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moving blade from one razor to another

I never use the same razor two days in a row, I usually don't even use the same system two days in a row. For example, Saturday I used a Gillette Atra, Sunday a GEM Micromatic and today a 1956 (birth year) Super Speed. Blades are placed in a folded hand towel to dry them then stored in a plastic container with a desiccant pack. Very quick and simple procedure.

I’m one of the fellows that Ron mentioned that moves injector blades from one razor to another. Been doing it for years and have only boogered up the edge a couple times when my attention wandered. I have a dispenser with used blades in it that I use to push out the good blade and it goes in the plastic container until it gets called on for service.
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I put a new (different) blade in every razor in my rotation. That way they're ready for a shave at any given time. And then I keep track of the use on each one and replace the blade after 3 shaves. I've never swapped a used blade from one razor to another.
Generally, once I put a blade into a razor, it stays there until I throw it into the sharps bin, though I have moved a blade once or twice, after starting a shave and not getting the result I wanted.

After a shave, I loosen the razor head, rinse in hot water, shake off excess, retighten, and carefully wipe the top cap and handle. I only clean the razor when changing the blade, and that is usually a thorough wipe-down of the disassembled parts.

I have never cleaned or dried a blade between shaves.
Kind of a goofy little problem, but here it is. I want to shave with my EJ one day, my Gillette Tech, the next, my Gillette adjustable the next and so on and so forth. I kind of like moving my blade from one razor to another every day. I feel like I should probably get 3-4 shaves from one blade before I get a new blade. Other than the minor inconvenience, is there a down side to doing this? I read something about altering the tension being bad at some point in the past, but I'm not sure I'm buying it. Any thoughts on this? I'm sure I'm not the only one here to change razors from day to day.
I have been doing that moving around for years, no problems. Maybe a slant that really torques a blade....that one might stay for that razor for a while....or use it 3 days and gone.
If I cahnge razor, I do it on a weekly basis
And I change blades weekly, and at the same time I clean razor with tooth brush and tooth paste


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I've never swapped blades from one razor to another.
To each their own, and if you enjoy that, fine. I don't.
I use the same blade in the same razor till it's time to change it. I may have a couple of razors with blades in them on standby so I can vary the routine as suits my mood.
I use the blade till it starts to get a little tuggy, then toss the blade.
Razor gets a quick cleaning before it goes in the cabinet or before it gets a new blade.
I get about a weeks worth of use out of an average DE blade.
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