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Moustache Wax Recommendations

I'd been trying to get a straight English Handlebar with my wiry moustache. It was even more difficult because it spans 8" (203 mm) tip-to-tip. Clubman was okay for a curled handlebar, but not English. I tried a few mixes of beeswax and coconut oil. Still would not stay straight.
Then I found got2b glued spiking glue...

... and that did the trick. It was on sale for something like CAD$3.99 at my local drug store.

I started by more-or-less following this guy's technique for a regular curled handlebar:

I use a pea-sized amount on each side, and work it through with a comb similar to his.
To get it to go straight out though, I have to use a hair dryer. Mine has a handy push-button that temporarily cuts out the heat, so I can go back and forth between hot and room temperature air.

The other trick is to apply the product only to one side at a time. (Unless you have three hands.)
I start by combing a part in the middle, and then I shape it with three fingers, working towards the tip. As I near the tip, I twist it a bit and hold on to it to keep it straight, while using my earlobe as a reference position. Usually I have to bend it down over my thumb a bit as I blow dry it, because it wants to curl up.
Once I'm happy that it's straight and dry, I apply product to the other side and shape and dry it to (hopefully) match the other side.
If I tried to do both sides at once, the side I was not hold out would curl up and dry prematurely. I have to hang onto it until it's dry.
Sometimes I like to have it straight horizontally as usual, but curved slightly back.

This stuff holds all day, even if a bit of snow or rain gets on it, but it washes out very easily in the shower, much like Clubman. It's super cheap compared to proper 'stache wax, and the 175 ml tube is going to last me a few years.

At 8" wide, I often catch people checking it out. o_O
Grave before shave has a good strong wax and badass beard care has a great medium hold wax. I find myself using badass beard care wax more since when I use the gbs wax my fiance keeps picking at it as I can never get it to fully rub in on my mustache.

  1. My first post here on B&B. Have a question, are any of y'all familiar with Dixie Cowboy Mustache Wax 100x Extra Stiff Strong Hold mustache wax? I just ordered a 1/2 oz. tin of it and am hoping it will give a longer lasting stronger hold than Fisticuffs strong hold (the bourbon scented one). It's here: Dixie Cowboy - Premium Grade 1/2 oz All Natural Petroleum Free and Organic Mustache Wax 100X EXTRA STIFF Strong Hold unscented & scented
  2. The other wax I was considering buying is this one: Tully Hole Saddlery - Custom Horse Gear however, they have no way to pay online and you have to order either by snail mail or by calling him/them and since I wasn't able to catch him on the phone I started searching for the wax via search engines, and ran onto the one in the above paragraph which I ordered.
  3. Thanks in advance for any information y'all can provide.
A Review of CanYouHandlebar's Secondary Mustache wax
While researching recommendations for mustache wax, I found scant few reviews, so I thought I would add some thoughts on my latest mustache wax purchase; specifically for CanYouHandlebar's Secondary wax.1.JPG2.JPG3.JPG4.JPG

I'll try to be brief, with the major point to be made here, that this just has to be a serious contender as one of the very strongest waxes around.

I bought it blindly online from the company's own website, but read many Amazon customer reviews. The price is $15 everywhere for .85 oz. net weight, but the manufacturer offers free shipping when you buy via their website, so I would only buy from Amazon if your order qualifies for free freight. Also, when I received my 2 day USPS Priority envelope, I found an enclosed discount offer from the company for 10% off my next order.

It has provided sufficient hold after an application just above my upper lip line, to sweep those cantankerous hairs off and away from my upper lip, as I impatiently wait for my Chevron to drop down another c. 1/4" or so over my top lip. In that case, I scraped the wax to apply it a bit more heavily. Being just a basic Chevron, I applied a lighter amount to the rest. That lighter amount was possible just by vigorously twisting my index finger over the hard wax. At that point, I decided that heating the wax beforehand would definitely prove advantageous and a whole lot easier. This wax is hard, stiff and strong, but remained in a cohesive, scraped ribbon without any breaking apart or flaking even at room temperatures.

Some suggest a honey like scent, but I found any aroma to be minimal at best; if not totally non existent. Labels front and back are said to be waterproof, although I found a hot water warming insufficient to impart any insignificant amount of softening.
For controlling more elaborate tasks, I'd feel comfortable saying that some sort of auxiliary heating/melting would be a likely prerequisite. However, with only "pocket warming" or no warming at all, I still find I can easily raise a nice thin ribbon to soften with finger friction. I suspect, however, that applying a heavy coat on a large, full mustache without carelessly removing hairs in the process, will prove to be quite a different matter entirely. This is for me not a product complaint, and rather should be construed as a definite product attribute. As a mustache grows, unwavering strength of the wax is indeed required, for me at least, to easily manipulate the newer, shorter growth.

On a related note, I've become increasingly concerned about unintentionally losing an occasional hair when applying and removing my preceding "competition strength" wax, and Secondary is much, much stronger than its predecessor.

A quick google yielded a YouTube video tutorial about softening and safely removing stubborn, post application wax. The author suggested olive oil. I opted to try coconut oil, thinking if my experience wasn't successful, perhaps my wife might be able to use it as a skin softener. The coconut oil label indicates it is pretty innocuous stuff. In a quick search of our local King Soopers's grocery store chain, I was able to locate a reasonably small, screw top jar of the extra virgin Coconut oil shown below. It was conveniently hidden on the lowest shelf in the area of smaller "travel sized" cosmetics for air travel. If memory serves, the jar of this oil was c. $3. Shown below, this jar should last for many months, and after applying a 1/4" sized dollop to each side of my mustache, my Kent 81T flew through my 'stache without the least bit of any resistance; while quickly carrying away the old wax from my mustache to the comb. A couple minutes later, both washed away with our Dove brand of bath-bar soap. After blotting the mustache dry, another fresh waxing was added for the next 24 hours of control.

A quick note on this coconut oil's properties. On the well air conditioned grocery store's shelf, the oil is a translucent, semi-soft solid. At home, with our A/C set to 74*, the contents turns to a slushy sort of mixture of oil and a very soft waxy consistency. A couple minutes in the refrigerator returns it back to a pretty solid state in short order, and heating the rather solid condition under hot water, quickly reverts it back into a total liquid. Not a complaint, but I thought just an interesting observation based on the short time to acquire another state of consistency. It hadn't spoiled for lack of refrigeration; that's just its nature.

I'm certain this isn't any shocker to the veterans, but to me it was tantamount to a miracle. I offer this to those of you that may be struggling with this issue, in the hopes of your avoiding yet another "rookie mistake" that I have so often made myself. This venture is hard enough as is without compounding things.

This wax and oil treatment has served me quite well. Your experience may well differ, and as such, I submit my usual "disclaimer" for their efficacy. I do, however, still suggest these two items if you're in need of a great deal of control, as I've found anything generically classified as "medium to firm" control in waxes, in my personal case, to be downright next to useless.
I’m currently not shaving at all for Movember and also going to grow out a handlebar so with that said I am looking for all natural strong hold and easy to apply in a hurry, I know that’s a tall order but what do you experienced users suggest

I have used Woodsman and Firehouse along with Clubman and Clubman was the worst and Firehouse was the best but it took work to get in worked in, the Woodsman was acceptable but towards the end of day it lost a lot of its hold


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At least for me, it isn't unusual to have to touch up later in the day with a little more wax. I have started using just a small amount of Brother's Love on the handle bars as a sort of topcoat. Really strong hold.
I’m currently not shaving at all for Movember and also going to grow out a handlebar so with that said I am looking for all natural strong hold and easy to apply in a hurry, I know that’s a tall order but what do you experienced users suggest

I have used Woodsman and Firehouse along with Clubman and Clubman was the worst and Firehouse was the best but it took work to get in worked in, the Woodsman was acceptable but towards the end of day it lost a lot of its hold

Grave before shave has a good wax. For me it seemed to hold for most of the day if not all day. I really like the cigar blend wax.
Google “mustache wax reviews” Youtube. Some very helpful. A retrospective note on ease of application. It’s inversely proportional to experience. I can now apply Secondary in the traditional nail/finger method with relative ease and without any warming. Not as quick as say Badger, but Badger is totally useless as far as imparting any hold whatsoever. Just a fact of life; applying a strong hold wax takes a bit more time, but won’t be a waste of time, nor your money.


I use Murray's Superior pomade , Schmiere pomade, or Reuzel pomade.

They work very well and are much cheaper than the mustache waxes.