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    I use three waxes on a regular basis: Fisticuffs, Lucky Tiger and Badger. All work fine.
  1. I'd been trying to get a straight English Handlebar with my wiry moustache. It was even more difficult because it spans 8" (203 mm) tip-to-tip. Clubman was okay for a curled handlebar, but not English. I tried a few mixes of beeswax and coconut oil. Still would not stay straight.
    Then I found got2b glued spiking glue...
    ... and that did the trick. It was on sale for something like CAD$3.99 at my local drug store.

    I started by more-or-less following this guy's technique for a regular curled handlebar:

    I use a pea-sized amount on each side, and work it through with a comb similar to his.
    To get it to go straight out though, I have to use a hair dryer. Mine has a handy push-button that temporarily cuts out the heat, so I can go back and forth between hot and room temperature air.

    The other trick is to apply the product only to one side at a time. (Unless you have three hands.)
    I start by combing a part in the middle, and then I shape it with three fingers, working towards the tip. As I near the tip, I twist it a bit and hold on to it to keep it straight, while using my earlobe as a reference position. Usually I have to bend it down over my thumb a bit as I blow dry it, because it wants to curl up.
    Once I'm happy that it's straight and dry, I apply product to the other side and shape and dry it to (hopefully) match the other side.
    If I tried to do both sides at once, the side I was not hold out would curl up and dry prematurely. I have to hang onto it until it's dry.
    Sometimes I like to have it straight horizontally as usual, but curved slightly back.

    This stuff holds all day, even if a bit of snow or rain gets on it, but it washes out very easily in the shower, much like Clubman. It's super cheap compared to proper 'stache wax, and the 175 ml tube is going to last me a few years.

    At 8" wide, I often catch people checking it out. o_O
  2. Grave before shave has a good strong wax and badass beard care has a great medium hold wax. I find myself using badass beard care wax more since when I use the gbs wax my fiance keeps picking at it as I can never get it to fully rub in on my mustache.
  3. Hello,

    1. My first post here on B&B. Have a question, are any of y'all familiar with Dixie Cowboy Mustache Wax 100x Extra Stiff Strong Hold mustache wax? I just ordered a 1/2 oz. tin of it and am hoping it will give a longer lasting stronger hold than Fisticuffs strong hold (the bourbon scented one). It's here: Dixie Cowboy - Premium Grade 1/2 oz All Natural Petroleum Free and Organic Mustache Wax 100X EXTRA STIFF Strong Hold unscented & scented
    2. The other wax I was considering buying is this one: Tully Hole Saddlery - Custom Horse Gear however, they have no way to pay online and you have to order either by snail mail or by calling him/them and since I wasn't able to catch him on the phone I started searching for the wax via search engines, and ran onto the one in the above paragraph which I ordered.
    3. Thanks in advance for any information y'all can provide.

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