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  1. Brooklyn Grooming Mustache Wax
    Madame Scodioli Whisker Wax
    Petal Pushers Moustache Trainer
    Capt. Fawcett's Wax
    Mr. Natty Twizzle Wax

    All of these come in various scents. They are easy to apply and to wash out. None of them are exceptionally stiff. If that's what you want, you'll need advice from someone other than me.

    I used Pinaud for more than 30 years. These are all more pleasing to me than it, but, the Pinaud Clubman does get the job done and it is easy to find in stores. Also, it's hard to find anything for less money.
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  3. I cut Wacky Tacky with somw Hndlbr wax and or a bit of Chapstick, and melt them all together. Alternately, you could just use the Wacky Tacky for the tips and another lesser hold type on the body of your 'stasche
  4. Anybody ever use Beard Baron Mustache Wax? It comes in a chapstick style container and I like that about it. I'm growing a stache and am going to need a wax soon. I also want it to be a neutral color.
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    Try it and tell us how it works!:thumbup: I am always looking for a new wax to try.
  6. I actually just got Waikiki and Wildwood - great stuff, great scents, doesn't change natural color.
    Decent hold, a little sticky, but it drys nice. Beeswax, lanolin, and Jojoba oil.
  7. I go back and forth between Firehouse wacky tacky & Captain Fawcetts " Expedition Strength"...

    Both great for bringing unruly whiskers under control.
  8. Brazen Stache is my go to wax
  9. Right now in my rotation I use a few "things" some are not waxes be forewarned.

    Very stiff hold

    HTGAM tache'wax (bay rum scent)
    Jenulence Citrus Cedarwood wax
    Edwin Jagger Bergamot and cedar wax
    Joe Grooming hair - Compound (more like a cream that stiffens and is water soluble) **this works excellent for not being a wax and adds a decent shine***
    Pinaud waxes (I've used neutral and black )......I have great results wit Pinaud waxes they may even be the best hold of any the key is to use a quality comb not the junk they supply. Use a Kent 81T or similar medium fine comb to work it through the stache.

    Medium Hold-

    Firehouse Dark
    Crew grooming clay

    Light hold to barely any hold

    Brooklyn Groom "Williamsburg" or any other variant
  10. Ok, so I went with Firehouse Dark this time and it just doesn't have the hold I need. Any other recommendations? Bay Rum scent is out, my wife hates it.
  11. I've seen Fisticuffs mentioned a few times on here, how's the hold for it?
  12. I went ahead and ordered some, along with their beard oil. The branding sold me on it. Hopefully it's good.
  13. After Movember last year I used Fat Jack's. I have nothing to compare it to but it was easy to use and seemed to have great hold.
  14. Stache Bomb my go to EDU
  15. I use the firehouse dark because it is more neutral to my multiple colored mustache. Plus it is not near as sticky.
  16. Keep us posted on the Fisticuffs. I skipped on picking some up and went with the Dubs cream.
    I've been using Wacky Tacky, but in the heat it completely unfurls my 'stache. I've been using wax from an etsy shop, handmadelaconner, but it is a little difficult removing. I've since started acquiring different hair pomades and using those in conjunction with the wax. So far so good. Leaves the middle more natural and the tips are nicely curled!
  17. I also ordered some Damn Handsome Grooming Moustache Wax made with Hops and other spent ingredients from breweries just because I wanted to order their Beard Wash. I'm really hoping one of them is decent. I really hate the Firehouse Dark stuff, the Wacky Tacky was alright but I want less stickiness but still a lot of hold.
  18. I liked the Fisticuffs the first day, but it still doesn't seem to have the hold I'm lookin' for, I may have to mix it with the firehouse.
  19. I picked up some Dubs Stache Cream. Should have a stiff hold. I'll report back after I've used it a bit.

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