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Moustache Wax Recommendations

Curious what other people might use. I've settled on Oregon Wild Hair wax, vey strong hold and easy to apply.
I'm a big fan of OWH as well. It's just SOOOOO easy to use compared to other waxes, and sufficiently holds. I like Bearded Bastard's waxes too...a little stiffer, but the Simply Vanilla is heavenly!
My recent rotation (after more than 30 years only using Pinaud's; it worked, but I'm glad to be done with it finally):

Petal Pushers Dandy Candy for its ease of use (melts really quickly with just a couple of thumb/index finger rubs) and moderate hold. The scent is nice (so says my wife).

Madame Scodioli Aged Bourbon for its scent (according to Mrs. and me) and hold. It has a slightly gritty texture that melts when you do just enough of the thumb/indiex finger thing. If you let it set for a several minutes after applying, you can get more stiffness and shape when you style.

Mr. Natty. Nice sent. A little pricey for the small container. Medium strong hold. You gotta work it good to get it to melt.

Devil's Choice. Way too stiff for my tastes and very hard to work into a useable consistency using just my fingers. Made my moustache shed a bit. I think this one would be a good choice for someone with the patience to use a blow dryer to melt the wax and to shape your hair after applying the wax.

We live in an era when the choices are abundant. Not so when I started using wax.

So: Sample. Enjoy. And, report back to the rest of us, please.
Still waiting on my Pinaud mustache wax that I ordered a few weeks ago.

Wanting to try Synergy's as I've heard great things. I've just been using Murray's pomade for slight styling of the stragglers.
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When I had my handlebar, I sweared by Mans Face Stuff. All Nighter was my favorite sent, but Stiff Breeze sent my girlfriend (now my fiancé) into a frenzy. She just couldn't get enough, even if she normally hated the mustache. It comes in tins or tubes for on-the-go use. Doesn't flake, easy to work, good hold, and AWESOME scents.
I've been having great luck with Honest Amish beard balm for my beard (logically enough). It conditions and softens otherwise wiry hair really well. Now I'm wondering how their wax is. Anybody tried it?
I used to use Firehouse Moustache Wax - Wacky Tacky back when I would sport the handlebar. Back then, it was either that or Pinaud which did not work for me.
I used wax for a while, mostly firehouse wacky tacky but got tired of needing to get it to temp before application especially when in a hurry. I have been using Got2B Glued hair gel and haven't looked back. It is a strong strong hold and goes in with ease with no worry of pulling out your precious moustache hairs. Just be careful to not put too much in so it clumps up and looks awful, less is more.
I ordered the How To Grow a Moustache's moustache wax and it's wonderful. Great hold, lasts long and has an excellent scent. Like cinnamon and cloves :drool:
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I use Firehouse Dark, but I never actually "style" it into a handlebar or anything. I just put a little bit in and comb it so it's not unruly. So far it has fit the bill quite well.
I've been having great luck with Honest Amish beard balm for my beard (logically enough). It conditions and softens otherwise wiry hair really well. Now I'm wondering how their wax is. Anybody tried it?
I am curious as well. I have just about gone through a 2oz tin, and just received a 4oz tin of their beard balm. I should have ordered some wax as well, but didn't. Anyone try it?
3 parts beeswax, 2 parts coconut oil, 1 drop per tablespoon of essential oil of your choice (bay oil for me), melt in glass jar in hot (near boiling) water, pour into tin to cool, scrape a bit out with fingernail and rub between fingers to soften, apply.
I just received a tin of Brooklyn Grooming's Red Hook wax.

Great scent. I'll have to play with it a little more to get an idea of how well it holds and cooperates with styling. It softens up very easily and quickly. I could almost recommend it on scent alone (they make several other scents and an unscented wax, too).

It's kind of pricey, though I had a nice discount code for Scoutmob.com, where I bought it. The tins are 2 oz., so I expect this one will last me a couple of years, so the value seems decent.
I've been using firehouse wacky tacky and its the first thing I found that holds up well for me. The problem I've found is that it seems really gluey. Anybody have any recommendations for something with similar hold, but less sticky?
I hate starting a new thread for this because there are like a million of them in the other subforums, but this is really where the question needs asked.

I've been using Firehouse Wacky Tacky for a while and I like the hold it gives me (it's really the first one I've tried that does hold up for me). The problem is that I find it really gluey, does anyone have any recommendations for something with similar hold but is less sticky?


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Have you tried any of the other Firehouse offerings? I've used the Light colored one but not the Wacky Tacky because of its dark color, so I can't compare, but one of my favorites in terms of consistency and hold was Oregon Wild Hair. Has a nice musk scent, but again it was too yellow colored.
I really enjoy the How to grow a mustache wax. Nice hold without feeling sticky.

I would avoid the Clubman waxes though.
Yeah, Clubman was the first one I tried due to it being available locally and it promptly went into the trash. I've tried Mens Face Stuff, and found it didn't have quite the hold I was looking for (also my wife hates the scent of the two I ordered "All-Nighter" and "Unscented"). That was when I was first growing/training my moustache though so maybe it'd hold better now.

@Senshi Where would I find this "How To Grow A Mustache Wax"?

Any other recommendations along this line?

I recently started using "Honest Amish Beard Balm" on my beard does anyone have any experience with their Beard Wax?
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