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Moustache Comb or Brush?

How do you care (style, ect...), for your mustache?

  • With a Comb

  • With a Brush

  • Art is King :-)

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I prefer a comb. I have a Zeus brush and have used it a few times. But I think the comb does a better job.
I'm combing a beard though, not just a mustache. I use the Kent OT and 2T
I just received this Comb Pocket from Kent (coarse & fine teeth...measures 110mm [4.3in]), and the best of both worlds is that I can comb my hair (coarse), & mustache (fine), plus being a little larger...it's easier to carry on me and much more practical. :thumbsup:

$Mustache Comb - 4.jpg

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No longer have a mustache, but when I sported one, I really liked my tiny Kent comb. Straightened the hair just enough that it looks care for, and still natural.

Plus it's fun and easy to carry around!
Both. I use a brush after my shave, when I might use balm or oil on my facial hair. I'll use a sandalwood comb the rest of the day.


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I use a comb only.

When sporting a handlebar (I had it until two years ago and now want it back!) the main work of styling and shaping is obvioulsy done with fingers and wax. :euro:
They both have a place in my world. I'll use either depending on the job (and tool) at hand. I like the comb for putting wax and lanolin in. And for knocking crumbs out. Plus it's easy to slip one into a shirt pocket. But the brush is better for general smoothing, taming flyaways, and blending the ends of the mustache into the beard. I personally think the brush gives it a much more natural look.