Mountaineer Brand Beard Balm

Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by Jack's Weather, Jun 15, 2018.

    A fellow facial hair grower told me today that he'd tried alot of beard balms and highly recommends Mountaineer Brand. Two questions, How does Mountaineer compare to your favorite beard balm? and Can anyone explain the science behind what it or most beard balms does to make your beard softer? I assume thats the purpose.
  1. Beard oil repleshes and hydrates the skin.

    Beard balm conditions and helps maintain shape and look.

  2. Perfect video to post. It all comes down to the butters and oils absorbing into skin and the hair. Mountaineer brand is decent. There are better oils and balm out there but for the price of mountaineers kits which have 2 oz balm 2oz oil 4 oz wash and a brush its a good product for that 27 dollar or so price point

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