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motorcycle enthusiasts, i have a question.

i have a 2013 triumph america and the stock pipes on,,, (well any new bike) makes them sound like a sewing machine at best!
i put a set of shorties on it today and they sound AWESOME!!! problem is,, whenever i down throttle i get a huge backfire. even several. down shifting,,slowing,, it will cause popping big time.
the harley pipes fit but are too fat and will not allow the kick stand to go up. the stock pipes are sound proof,,:( and these new ones back fire. i did notice you cannot see through the other pipes. the shorties i can.. its just a straight tube.
also this is my first tank of gas this year and i used 89 octane. i seriously doubt that has any effect but i am new so...???
any help is appreciated.
if and when i solve this i my end up putting the other pipes in BST

thank you
I'm a fan of nice quiet pipes. My bike has carbs, so this might not apply to your bike. I have an old Yamaha with stock exhaust. However, if one replaces the exhaust or takes out the baffles, the carbs need to be rejetted.

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Yep, the popping is a lean condition on deceleration.. carbs need to be jetted, FI bikes require a fuel management system.. not sure what the aftermarket, or factory have available for that unit in particular. You should also replace any stock air filter with one that flows more air..
I have lots of experience with changing exhausts. You are safe to ride it to a shop that can do a download on your computer or hook you up with a Power Commander or similar device. Do not ride it around much until you get that fixed. As soon as you put on a less restrictive exhaust and/or intake you are allowing more air into your fuel air mixture (lean). This is really bad for the bike's engine. In the old days of carburetors you needed to put larger jets in the carb. Now with fuel injection it is all done electronically. When you do ride it take it easy.
A good wrench can drill the stock pipes for authority, tune the fuel.
That is true. You can basically turn those stock pipes and mufflers into a straight pipe exhaust, though they still look like stock exhaust with mufflers. You will save some money by not buying an aftermarket exhaust, but the same adjustments will need to be done to your fuel/air management.
+++ on fuel tuning wether it's some sort of power commander or re-jetting your carbs, whichever is applicable. Even then it's not 100% unavoidable once you start with aftermarket (but well worth it if done right:thumbup:). I'm riding a '08 Raider with V&H 2-into-1 exhaust, K&N air and a few other extras and a V&H fuelpak and get decel popping depending on how I'm riding.

If you are planning on also upgrading your air by even changing from stock filter to something higher flow like K&N or anything else, now is the time before you do your fuel tuning.

Also, pic's of your ride are always appreciated :thumbup1:
Yep as everyone has stated already, it's a lean condition on decel. It needs a rejet or new map depending on carb or FI. Until it's fixed (which I would recommend doing soon) change the way you are riding, don't fully shut off the throttle abruptly, don't let the engine slow you down, etc.


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I thought this was going to be a thread about shaving while riding. Darn. All my years of experience- wasted!
Like everybody already said, your bike is leaning out. Power commander or a tune will fix things. You don't have emissions tests there in Boston, do you? That can be an issue....

Boston because you know....you do have hockey town listed as your residence.... :)

PPS how long have you had your triumph? Modern Triumph bikes are amazingly well sorted.
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