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Mother's Day? What are you cooking?

Anyone planning on whipping up something special for dinner on Mother's Day?
Well my daughter's requested tempeh fajitas for Sunday so that's what's cooking for mother's day here. (She's off to Greece in two weeks to help close up an archaeological dig she's been involved with for the last five years.)
I'm throwing a turkey on the Weber Tomorrow, then reheating it for lunch on Sunday. I was going to do it Sunday morning, but weather looks better Saturday and I figure it should make Sunday morning much easier.
Decided to saute lightly floured pork tenderloin medallions (and finish with a pan sauce of white wine, cream, mustard, butter) & a spinach salad + rolls.
Cooking up reservations here
Capital Grill
Happy Mother's day
And i wish peace to my brethren out there under stress trying to make it a good day.


My wife asked me to make my homemade pizza. A bit non-traditional but she correctly surmised that it was something all of the mothers in attendance would like. I was trying a variation on my usual cast-iron pan technique. I wasn't completely happy with the change but everybody enjoyed the meal.


Aaron Scissorhands
Today we made/ordered a meal for two things; to help the local restaurant and honor my mothers potato salad.

It was delicious.

20200510_120523.jpg 20200510_120539.jpg
Pork loin roast in a cast iron heavy lidded Staub: 3 nhours in oven, with Cote du Rhone red wine, potatoes, carrots, onions.
Indian Basmati rice on side.
Pear salad with grated Parmesan and aged Balsamic vinegar/ olive oil dressing
Frexinet Cava

Nap in recliner afterward. Gonna be a great night!!
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