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Most Under & Over Valued Straights?


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I only have a Filarmonica in the list and it's currently under restoration...

Now I feel I need to try the other 4...:001_rolle

Henckels razors can be gotten quite cheap. And every Henckels I've owned has been a superlative shaver. So I'd day they're generally undervalued.

(Exception: Friodurs, which often command a high price. Worth it, but not "undervalued".)


I've never tried a Puma or Filly, so I can't comment. I have, however, tried some Wade & Butchers that left me cold. (I do love my 8/8 Celebrated, but mainly for its aesthetics. Shave is good, but not quite in keeping with the $250 price.)

Edit and caveat: I have little experience with new razors. I'm referring to vintage, used and (to a lesser extent) NOS.
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I shaved with a Filarmonica #13 doble temple this morning. It's a damn fine razor but probably overvalued at current prices, considering what you can new from TI.
Palmera -Solingen and Juan Vollmer are a better blade than a Fili.

Dorko's are such a nice razor. I would put them in the Le Grelot NOS range.

Never tried a Puma besides a 4/8 which worked.

Henckels have a fair value still and are nice shavers. I don't think their pricing isn't set because I've seen some NOS at super deals and others at a little above what I would pay for them.
How would you rank these brands in value? Over? Under? Just about right?


Henckles and Puma? Can be plenty cheap if you don't need NOS or minty so I'd say they aren't overvalued. Can't comment on Voll or Dork. I believe Fil's are overvalued based on my experience with the one I own, but that's based on a single razor, mind you.
Henckels - just about right. Superlative shavers.

Pumas - not cheap, shave great. Appears that the days of finding one at a decent price are over.

Palmera - One of my best shavers. Still out there at reasonable prices.

Dorko - the NOS ones, apparently recently ground from vintage blanks, are pretty reasonable. Vintage ones in good condition seem to be over priced.

Filarmonica - Nuts. Plain nuts. Sure they are smooth. But $200+ for a razor with the cheapest of scales? Please.
They are all good, but they are all overvalued. If I had to pay current prices for NOS or minty ones, I would not have any of mine.

For instance, a Filarmonica EPBD sold on ebay last weekend for about $415. The week before, for over $600. Those are custom prices.
I really don't know, Mike. While they are all good shavers by all accounts, some are a better buy.

I no longer have a Henckles, but then I've never had a Boker either. The Henckles razors I see seem reasonable in price.

I own 4 Puma razors. They have increased in price over the years to the point where there are some very high auction prices. I really like mine, but I doubt I would get into them today. They will remain in my rotation for sure.

I don't own a Palmera, but may consider a Solingen made one at some point. Auction prices are close to the Filarmonica Doble Temple, so more than likely over priced.

Never owned a Dorko either. I somehow question the need to try one more excellent Solingen razor. More than likely vintage Bismarcks are just as good and less expensive. There are so many quality NOS Solingen razors that are available that I can't see paying for the Puma or Dorko name any longer.

Filarmonica prices have been high, and in some cases stupid, for some time. I own a 13 Doble Temple and a 13 Barbus Duras, but both of them together didn't cost what even the least expensive of the 14 Barbus Duras are selling for today. I find them to be excellent shavers. I agree the scales on the Barbus Duras are sub-par, but I've no complaints about the scales on the Doble Temple. When I can purchase a lightly used Livi Takeda Damascus for much less than the current auction prices for the Filarmonica Barbus Duras, there is no doubt in my mind they are overpriced.

Of the brands you listed I feel only the Henckles are currently priced about right.
Well, I don't have enough experience with straights to add an informed opinion. But now you've all made me want to go buy more razors! SRAD...pulling me...under...:biggrin1:
Well, I don't have enough experience with straights to add an informed opinion. But now you've all made me want to go buy more razors! SRAD...pulling me...under...:biggrin1:

What he said. Must. Fuel. Addiction.

On a side note - how's that serrated bread knife working out? :lol:
Agree with everybody here. I've shaved with all of the razors from your list, and currently have all but a Henckels in my rotation (used to have a 6/8 Friodur that I sold).

The Friodurs are overpriced if you ask me. The 8/8's go for over 200 bucks a pop NOS. I wasn't incredibly impressed with the 6/8 and while I've not tried a 8/8, I can't imagine the differences (other than size differences) are that noticeable if at all. I think I fetched $90 for the 6/8 around 6 months ago, which turned out to be a nice price for NOS condition if you look at them now.

The Filarmonicas are out of control - I don't think there's any arguing that. Pumas seem to be hard to find these days. There isn't anything NOS around anymore and I'm sure NOS Pumas would fetch wild money. NOS Dorkos aren't cheap either. Retail (e-tailers) they go for over 200 for the 8/8's too.

The question of "overvalued" versus "overpriced" is a relative one, though, if you ask me. I envy some guys' collections and you can deduce what some guys have dropped money-wise on their blades. For them, the money they spent was worth it.

I only really (partially) regret one razor purchase that I've made over the last year or so, and that one isn't on the OP's list so I think you're going to wind up with a nice shaver no matter which way you go.

EDIT: Apologies - it appears the low-end for the 8/8 Friodurs can be had for around $150 with the plain black or white scales, which is a pretty decent price in retrospect. I'll retract my "overpriced" comment above on the Friodur.
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Dear Antique Shop Owners: Please stop salivating, rummaging through your drawer full of straights, looking for Puma's, Ducks, and other wildlife. The guys above are all pulling your legs: all straight razors, DE's, and SE's are seriously overpriced. Except your $29 DE travel razors. Those are priced properly but I have no idea why they haven't sold in six months.

The guys are just trying to generate a little buzz so they can sell off their excess razors. Nothing for antique store owners to see here or anywhere on B&B. I'd look at the glass forums. I think the Murano/Burano and Carnival glass is seriously undervalued. Really.
I saw a Geneva Cutlery go for under $5 on the Bay. Covered tang with cracked ice scales and NO rust. That is undervalued!
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