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Most moisturizing "natural" balm or moisturizer?

Some debates, including the greatly comedic "Dark Side of Cornhusker" thread, got me thinking: if you were going to try all natural balms or moisturizers, what are the options, and how moisturizing are they?

Discussions in those threads typically involve the pros and cons of the "non-natural" products, rather than recommendations for alternatives.

I've read the reviews, and many seem to be relatively light on moisturizing (Jason); a few seem more so, but at a higher risk of greasiness (Burt's Bees).

In the interests of shaving science, I grabbed some of the Jason's and while I love how it makes my face feel, and the way it makes any traces of razor burn vanish nearly instantly; but, it also leaves my face a bit dry (in sync with the review). So, natural balm/moisturizer fans, what's the better alternative?
One Planet Aftershave Balm. Very moisturizing.

Bought it at Rite Aid I think -- inexpensive

Use it everday.

Smells a little medicinal but has a great cooling effect.

Medicinal smell dies down by the time I get to work.

One of my favorite shaving products.
The QED balms are close to all natural from the ingredients list and they work very well. Speick is also very good but I don't know if t is all natural or not.
TSD as milks are pretty natural and awesome at moisturizing without being heavy or greasy...i love it my wife loves them for her legs...its a nice product
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