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Most Moisturizing Aftershave

Hey all.

Winter is almost over but these New England winds and furnaces are really hellish for my Texan skin. What's your most moisturizing after shave splash or balm? I was considering getting some Kiehl's sooner or later...
Without a doubt:


Read the reviews, it's dynamite! Royal Shave is the only B&B vendor that is carrying it at the moment. Something like $12, ridiculously great value.
I am curious about the Nivea balms? I have some and it seems fair for the price.

I alternate the Nivea sensitive with my Trumpers. I haven't tried a ton of balms, but I'm a fan of Nivea stuff. I always follow the balm (once it's had a chance to dry a bit) with the Nivea Q10 moisturizer. It really seems to sooth any razorburn that might be thinking about showing up.

Their stuff doesn't have the nice scents like some of the other products out there, but it works for me with my sensitive skin. Most are fairly neutral - some have a slightly masculine scent. You can't beat the price - about $5 for each.
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