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Most disturbing/weird term you have picked up w/r/t shaving

After a few months on this site, I have found new words entering my lexicon. Many are helpful as far as elaborating my shaving technique, and many are fun in a "part of the gang"-type of way. But some kind of disturb me. For example: "Faceturbation." This rings in my skull and haunts my dreams... plus it is difficult to explain if you find yourself using it in normal society. Am I alone?
"Slag" - used as a term for "lather" by those method shaver guys...

I just can't bring myself to use the term "slag" for anything that's going near my face...
Ya don't see it used on the board much these days, but my pick would be, "snurdle." (the amount of shaving cream used to make optimal lather when shaving with a cream. roughly equivalent to the size of an almond.)

edit: and for a brief while, there was the "snurdleizer" the device of one's own choosing (or one's own manufacture) used to remove a snurdle of SC from the tub.
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Someone used a word to describe an opinion or action that may not be worthy of the wet shaving community; the word was "ungillettey".:thumbup: Awesome!!! Gonna use that one often. I'll try to find the coiner of that word to give him his due props.
Faceturbation is by far the oddest, but followed very closely by the strikingly similar (if you get my drift) hand stropping.
A while back there seemed to be a new thread every week regarding shaving down there or shaving down under. Those threads have subsided for the time being, but the term "manscaping" will be with me forever :lol:
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I'll give you two of them:

1) "BBS", meaning "baby bottom smooth" or variations on that. When I am shaving, I do not wish to think about that part of the human anatomy. And there are many things that are smooth, so we don't have to use that term.

2) "wet shaving". I don't find this term weird or anything, I just think its inappropriate, because I have always used moisture, water, and other wet components when shaving. You can "wet shave" with a Mach 3. I just find that some people tend to automatically link the term with use of a classic DE, as though they were not shaving before with their Mach 3 or Quattro. I find the better term is "traditional men's grooming".
Goo - While I almost never use canned foams any longer, I never quite got the goo terminology. I don't recall ever using a canned foam that was 'gooey', nor would I ever want to put such a thing on my face.
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