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Most amazing toolchest ever.

The Studley Toolchest is legendary among both amateur and professional woodworkers. Building a custom toolchest or cabinet of one's own is considered something of a "rite of passage" to woodworkers. Although very few of us ever approach anything remotely like Mr. Studley's masterpiece.

There was a short article about the Studley chest (as well as downloadable desktop wallpaper of it) at Fine WoodWorking Magazine.
Considering how many tools it holds, the famous chest is really quite small; when closed, it is just 9 in. deep, 39 in. high, and just more than 18 in. wide. Yet it houses so many tools -- some 300 -- so densely packed that three strong men strain to lift it.
Sorry, I read this and was thinking of a mechanics toolchest. LOL My cousin who is a fleet automotive tech has a very nice Snap-On unit. :)
That is extremely cool.

My first thought: My father would have known everyone of those tools and each nuance for its use. He was a master pattern maker.