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Moss Scuttle "woes"?

From every post on every forum I've read, everyone has had glowing reviews of the Moss Scuttle and Sarah Bonnyman in particular, so I figured I would poll here: I've written her twice asking for possible customizations (specific diameter of the "foot" to fit my shaving stand, and possibility of coating said "foot" to not scratch the surface of my stand) and haven't gotten a confirmation from her let alone an actual email back. Did anyone else here have an issue with her not writing back? I imagine she's REALLY busy, being the only game in town for the Scuttle, but I would think that 3 weeks would be plenty of time to say one way or the other.
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It has been a while since I wrote her but her response was fairly quick. It may be that she is on vacation, sick or otherwise disposed.

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Just so you know she's not the only "game in town" unless you actually really live in the same town! There is the dirtybird scuttle, Georgetown scuttle, and the Scandinavian dude that's on these forums (Scandinavian dude, sorry for my ignorance of not knowing your name or where you live). A quick google search will provide links to all sites. Not speaking from experience but only what I heard from others, Dirtybird is more open to input and custom modifications.

Good luck on getting you're perfect scuttle
I have a "Dirty Bird" and have used another and the "Moss" scuttle just has a quality to it that is next to none IMHO. I have the small one with a mixing bowl and it is stellar.

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It's possible your e-mail ended up in her spam folder. Also, I think small operations that are set-up to provide a certain product don't really like to do crazy customizations because it holds up the production line, and the chances of the customer not being happy also increases.

A non-scratch bottom is easy to do. Go to OSH or any local hardware store and get a small felt pad that's designed to go under furniture legs and then cut it to size.
Have you thought about calling? Its quite possible you ended up on the end of some computer related problem.

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I got an email from her last night, so I'll see what we can do. I didn't want to call, since it's not that urgent, but I figured this would be a good place to start. Turns out her first email somehow didn't get to my Inbox and I didn't see it in my spam folder.
You may want to edit your first post of this thread, since the fault with the communication breakdown does not appear to be Sara's. I'd hate to see a vendor's reputation sullied just because her reply to you wound up in your spam folder.
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