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Morrison Patriot Repair


I have a Morrison Patriot set inbound and I'm assuming that I will need to have the filler rebuilt. Any recommendations for someone who may be able to provide this service? I have a great guy who does my Parkers, but he only does Parkers, so I'm looking for someone new for this one. Thanks for any help.



Cheaper than ink
This is a pretty tough repair as this pen was never meant to be repaired. I have one (of three) that doesn't fill.

I've read horror stories and I'm waiting to get inspired to design a completely new filling system for mine since this really looks like a bugger.


You can try contacting Danny Fudge but I'm not sure. If he can't tackle it, go with Ron Zorn -- he can fix just about anything.
It looks like Indy Pen Dance has a kit for the repair. They also offer the repair as one of their services. It looks like they may be the only option. Maybe I'll get super lucky and it will fill just fine.

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