Morris & Forndran-Finest vs Super

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    Good evening everyone!

    I am getting ready to order my first M&F (L7 at 24mm in case anyone is wondering) and was curious if anyone with a recent order has any insight into the characteristics of these knots. I have discussed them with Brad and also wanted to get some other thoughts regarding what yall thought of them. Thanks!
  1. I'm super curious too and will be following this thread. Really wondering if the Brad Sears M&F brushes are anything like the ones from Lee Sabini 10+ years ago. Abd please correct me if I'm wrong as I recall Lee Sabini also made the Rooney brushes around that same time... and some were rebranded for Truefitt &Hill. I have the T&H Style 1/1 and Style 1/3. Both are beautiful with super soft knots but not as dense as brushes are now and don't get much, if any, use. Just decoration now.

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  2. I got an L7 earlier this year. I also got a declaration grooming b7 at the same time. I am not trying to discourage anyone but the DG is fantastic.
  3. Have you looked at Paladin?
  4. Anyone? Or any thoughts on the blonde badger as well?
  5. Chaucer

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    I have M&F brushes with Finest and Blonde Badger knots. Never heard of M&F Super.

    BB is close to perfect—soft tips plus backbone and great water and heat retention. Almost too easy!

    Finest has a bit of what folks here call “scritch” and even more backbone. Equally good water and heat retention. Break-in takes maybe 2 dozen shaves. With break-in the scritch diminishes, but backbone remains. Great for lathering hard soap but not as luxurious as the BB.
  6. Rudy Vey

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    I have a Rooney Super, a superb two-band hair. I bought it before I bought my M&F Blonde Badger - in in my book the Super is a much better quality than the Bl Badger, still have the Rooney, but got rid of the M&F...
  7. Chaucer

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    Wow, Rudy. That’s saying something! Are these Super knots available?
  8. Rudy Vey

    Rudy Vey Vendor Contributor

    I have no clue if they still offer this grade, this was several years ago.
  9. I have an M&F branded Blonde which must be about seven or eight years old and it's a fantastic brush; good backbone, soft tips, nice density and good flow through. I've also used two more recent brushes with M&F knots in handles made by other people, one a Finest and the other a Blonde, and neither was as good as the older model. The Finest, in particular, I found very average. It was, I thought, lacking in density and felt like it had been made last thing on a Friday afternoon. I realise that hand made items will display some variation, but to me that was unacceptable.

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