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Morris & Forndran Brown Badger

Okay, I am sorry to anyone who dove in here thinking that there was some new badger hair product out.

No, what I’m referring to is the recent M&F Blonde Badger 2XL I purchased. I’ve always wanted a Blonde Badger, but their heyday didn’t line up with my brush purchasing years. I’m mostly familiar with Rooney‘s Finest hair and the highly treated 2-bands that are so pervasive today. I don’t know what year this brush might have been made (perhaps one of you can tell), but I also don’t care that much beyond just wanting information.


This brush is a real pleasure to use. I am often skeptical of this style of brush, with very wide knots and densely packed hair, but this performs exactly as I would want. It’s builds lather easily, is very soft on the face and releases the lather as appropriate. The picture actually makes the tips look a bit lighter than they are. It’s funny that they actually look a bit tan or brown when we’ve all become so accustomed to stark white, bleached tips. I do like the gel-tipped, treated variety of knots, but there is something refreshing about using something that is less artificial in nature.

It’s also funny how similar it is in dimensions to the Simpson Chubby 2 I just got. But that... I have a bit of a different take on that for later.
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