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Good afternoon all.

Just did some Christmas shopping with my wife. She let me pick this up today:

It is the Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 'hybrid' razor. Meaning it has replaceable blades (supplied) like a cart razor but once all the blades are used up, you throw the whole lot away like a disposable.

The Fierce Eau De Toilette has a very strong scent which is like a combination of smoke and herbs. Very masculine.

Reviews will follow in due course.

Thanks for your comments. However I think a hybrid razor falls between 2 stools. What are your opinions on a hybrid razor though?



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What are your opinions on a hybrid razor though?

My thoughts are it will probably take other three-bladed Edgwell cartridges (be they Schick, Wilkinson Sword, Solimo, Great Value, or store brands over six continents).
I thought most* cartridge razors are like that (cheap disposable handle). At least that's how I look at them.

(Most, with the exception of outliers like the ones that have a heating element, have a "massage" feature, etc.)


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I think that Hybrid razors are fine. I think that Gillette runs a recycling program called Terracycle and you can send your used razors and blades to Terracycle for recycling. It may not run in your country but you can Google it and see.
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