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I'm currently thinning out various items from my den. I'm using Boar brushes now so I'm selling off my remaining Badger brushes. I'm also selling 6 brushes I was going to re-knot but just don't have the desire to do so or a workshop either.

I'm also selling My Tarara Masamune OC in black. I'm have migrated to solid bar razors which I find very comfortable. The Masamune is an excellent razor and likes Feather blades. Very well made and easy to use. Comes with its original box as well. Along with the Masamune are two handmade CART handles. They use Mach3 blades. One is made from Deer antler and the other is spun to look like a Baseball bat. Sometimes when traveling it's easier to take a cart instead of the DE's etc. AND also is a 1930's New Long Comb. It is in user grade, the teeth are straight and would really benefit from a re-plate. But it does shave well. There's also a gold blade case was well.This bundle, all 5 pieces, I'm selling for $100 US, shipping is included.

The three brushes are all knotted with very good Badger knots. The Rubberset aluminum brush is a #4. The other two are handles I turned myself and are really good brushes. All three will be sterilized and shampooed before shipping.The Rubberset is scratched but in generally good shape a good polish will make it sparkle. Asking $75 US, shipping included.

The group of brushes were bought with the intention of re-knotting, refurbishing etc. I am not going to be getting to them so I will sell them to whoever really enjoys resto work. There's also 3 Badger knots (2 Black Badger and one Two band Badger). All are 22mm.
The blue handle is a Surrey Boar brush, the Ivory over black is a Rubberset 200N, there's a very small Gillette travel brush, Red and white Mohawk, Black over white Made Rite and finally an Ivory Klenzo brush. These brushes are all exactly the way I received them. Asking $50 US shipping included.

If you have an offer, please feel free to ask. Thanx again for looking. Shipping to Canada and the US only.
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