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more cologne =? less EDT

I notice that some firms (e.g. Trumper) sell their scents as colognes but not EDTs. If one wants to use the scent, and wants it to have the effect of an EDT, may he achieve these results simply by applying the cologne in greater than usual quantity?
I recommend you to calibrate usage according to your own interaction with the perfume and not the labels of EdT, EdP, cologne, etc.

Longevity and projection are just not that consistent with concentration labels. Nosomatos are marketed as extraits, and yet quit a few of them do not last as nearly as much aas C&S88 which is a cologne. Creeds Millesimes are supposed to be EdP's and yet, musgo real and Tumulte AS outlast them quite easily. Some montales EdPs last 4 hours, some last 24.
This comes up again and again. There seem to be guidelines in labeling, but for the most part, terms are nebulous. All you can do is try them.
Yep, fragrance classifications vary from company to company. It's pretty much futile to conclusively determine the potency or longevity without using the scent in question. One mans EdT is another mans EdC and vice versa.
...if a company offers aftershave and EdT in the same scent, can the aftershave be applied in the manner that one would apply an EdT, in order to acheive a less pronounced scent, or is aftershave specifically intended for application to the face after shaving?
think sometimes you can get away with using the AS as a general purpose fragrance. Still, nothing beats actual testing on your skin.
The realm between EDC and EDT is quite nebulous. In the strict sense, the actual fragrance much be diluted with a certain percentage of alcohol to be considered a cologne, EDT, or EDP, and lastly AS. Aftershaves tend to have healing ingredients but not always.
Some fragrance artisans effectively change the final formula, but not all of them.
Floris if I remember correctly adds healing ingredients to their AS, that makes the aroma a little different... not much to notice.
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