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Flying in the face of the latest Moss Scuttle buying craze and my inability to get one sent to England without being too cost prohibitive I have just placed an order for a small Bodum 1651 Sora Serving Bowl for £15. It's quite big, 6" in diameter made of stainless steel. The good bit, I hope, is that like a thermal mug used for camping it has a dual skin and hopefully it'll keep the lather warm.

Here's a pic...


That's a good looking bowl. If it works, that's quite the find. If it doesn't work, the double walls will work against you. With a single wall, you can tilt the bowl sideways and run hot water over the bottom. I've been doing that for about a year.

Why not just fill your sink with hot water and let the bowl float in it. I've been doing that with one of the Target bowls for a few months. Keeps the lather nice and warm.
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