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More aggressive tech type razor

I'm currently using an old 20's 30s era british fat handle tech. Lovely razor but apart from a handle that feels too short for my gorilla hands it takes multiple passes which irritate my skin to get a close shave. But the low profile head works wonders as I have a pretty intricate van dyke.

My 2 previous razors were TTOs which were always hit or miss when it comes to going around my van dyke.

So I'm looking for a more aggressive razor with a tech type low profile head.

Any ideas gents?
Its an open comb design, but I'd recommend a Gillette ball ended Old Type.

More aggressive, great shaver, cheap and plentiful.
Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I'm planning on getting the Bull Mastiff Handle for my current tech and might throw in the NEW head as well!

In the meantime, I reckon I should try Feathers in the Tech! Totally forgot about switching out blades! Been using the Green boxed Gillettes forever.