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Moon S. Havana review

Had my first shave with it today and it wen't great. I did a test lather 2 days ago when I got it in the mail.
So I can't tell you much a bout the scent because I am a scent moron. I can tell you that it smells better lathered upp than off the puck. And it smells great too me. I can't really tell you to what could I compare it too.
I attacked it with 24mm synth Yaqi and it loaded fairly easily and lathered quickly into creamy thick protective and really slick lather conparable to A&E to name one. It can alao hold a fair amount of water. There was also great residual slickness.
I did my standard 2.5 pass shave with only setup I use Rockwell 6S on plates 6/4/2 with Nacet blade. It was on 2nd shave wuich for me is the smoothest one.
As already mentioned shave went great aa usual with no nicks, cuts or iritattion and no aftershave burn.
Post shave is good skin is moisuturized and soft.
All in all a great soap, but will not be restocked purely because I have a rule to purchase only soaps I haven't used before. I try one soap from one maker then move on. If I was restocking this soap would deffinitely make the list. Would recommend.
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