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Monthly photo challenge: March 2023 Puddles

We've had a bit of a slump in participation in the monthly photo contests. I suppose it's hard to get out and shoot when it's cold and gets dark early. @Dobric who had last month's challenge suggested that I give it a go for March. Hopefully with a break in the weather for most of us more people will get out with their cameras.

I thought I'd suggest something that most folks could find so this month's theme will be PUDDLES. Anything at all that the name suggests is fair game. We always prefer new work but for the purposes of this month's challenge you may submit anything taken in the last six months.

Good light!
Ok, I'll play. Recent rains in California turned my driveway into one big puddle.


Blade Biter

Sorry @Hopalong , you had great composition and atmosphere, but a photo like #5 that tells a story is what makes it great...even if the technicals are all off :em3400:
Since it's April 2 it's time to close out this month's challenge. Great submissions from @Hopalong and @JackC plus a nice late entry from @DesertIguana. The people have spoken. Congratulations to @JackC for winning this month's challenge. You get to pick the theme for April. Thank you for all who entered and voted!
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