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Monthly photo challenge: January 2023 Rainbows and Butterflies


Blade Biter
Hey guys, looks like I get to choose this month's photo challenge theme!

2022 was not a good year in general, but there are and always will be glitters of hope and joy. Why not start 2023 with something positive?

This month's challenge is titled "Rainbows and Butterflies", be creative, something that makes you happy.

Actual rainbows and butterflies? Sure
Old man with lines around his eyes from a lifetime of smiles? Sure
Dog with a bone? Perfect head on a beer pour? You bet!
Selfie after you won the lottery? You be you man!
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It's a same photo
Double rainbow


Blade Biter
@Dobric as the only entrant in January's competition, you are the winner!

Please start a new thread with your pick of February 2023 photo challenge!

Also, apologies for hosting the least popular monthly photo challenge on B&B!
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