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Mont Blanc Cologne

Is it just me, or is this a surprising combination? I'd have never ventured to guess they made cologne, well er anything other than High End Pens.

I did pick up a bottle of their Starwalker on the cheap, but it seems to be more of a younger scent, where I'm getting to the edge of being able to wear something like this. It's pretty fresh, I detect a little citrus, more of a "blue" scent IMO. I don't know if I'd put it as a full priced purchase, but at TJ Maxx it was hard to pass up.

Anyone have any other experience with their scents?
I wish companies like Mont Blanc would stick to making what they're famous for. I have four of their pens and a briefcase but I wouldn't consider their cologne.
I somewhat agree--Mont Blanc pens have suffered since they drifted--their newer designs are flawed. Still--at least they have something new to offer and I will be using my Star Walker pens today. The gripe that I really have with MontBlanc now is how overpriced they have become.

For those who want a pur pen company may I suggest an Aurora product or Pelikan. Lamy also makes some great pens relatively inexpensively.

That being said some companies have made great transitions like Vicotinox--great watches and luggage--not bad for a knife maker.
Mont Blanc Presence is one of my favorite scents. I wear it during cooler weather because to me it's Christmas-y. Kind of piney or foresty with some spice to it. I'm talking specifically of Presence; I got a sample of Presence Cool and didn't like it at all.
Yeah, I'm surprised at some of the manufacturers that I've discovered through Basenotes... My favorite is that Givenchy produced a Hello Kitty one, and also that CK did a Kermit the Frog Cologne.

I've been really enjoying the Creed Original Santal and the Creed Himalaya at the moment. I've also found that I really like that Baldessarini Concentrate by Hugo Boss.
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