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Monsavon – Bol à Raser

Hi everyone,

I was wondering where I could be able to find Monsavon – Bol à Raser online OR if anybody on the forum has a few new ones available for purchase. I am buying this as a gift and and I would pay through PayPal.

Thank you so much for your help!
I don't think there are any vendors that sell it online. At least none that sell to the US (which is where I assume you are...?). The most common way of getting it is through other members. Post a "want to buy" thread in the BST subforum and see if you can't get someone to bite.
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Thanks but that website doesn't have it in stock to purchase, so that's why I was wondering if anyone on here could send me a few.
I've come to the conclusion that monsavon kind of sucks. I never get a slick lather from it. It's like 1 euro in france, you kind of get what you pay for. Not worth the $10-20 to get it here in the states. I liked it when I was a newbie for some reason, I just hadnt used anything worse at that point I guess.
Well, thanks. As you can probably already tell, I wasn't and am not really asking for your opinion on the product because the person I am purchasing it for has their mind on it, and that is what I would like to get them.

But thanks for the input, as I am actually a woman and really do not care for any manly shaving products. :)
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