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Mondial 1908 Boar Brush

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
I couldn't buy this on ebay as the sale would not go through. I did get one at the site mentioned above.

Here is the link:
Mondial 1908 Boar Shaving Brush Faux Ivory , Boar Bristle (executivegrooming.com.au)

The shipping charge was almost as much as the brush though to ship to New Jersey.

Congratulations on the find. I believe the juice will be worth the squeeze.


I had the aluminum first. Really liked it which caused me to crave the ivory. The ivory was an amazing hassle to find. Actually it was easy to find, relatively speaking, but amazingly hard to actually order without being told it was not currently in stock, or couldn't be shipped to me, or something else equally disappointing. Anyway, after about a year of trying, I finally scored one. If I were forced to keep only one of my two Mondial boars, I'd keep the ivory because I like the handle better.

Yes, it's a kinda cheap plastic in a way, but it is, in my experience with it, a lot higher quality cheap plastic than the cheap plastic handles which feel cheap to me. To be truthful, I love the expensive upper end handles (as does everyone I'd guess once they try 'em), but I'm okay with plastic handles as long as the ergonomics are good. I'm more about the knots.

EnablersRUs-Your Review Is Expected.jpg

I think you'll be pleased.

Happy shaves,



Bought an ivory one from their actual shop site (not eBay account). They didn't offer international shipping for quite some time. But I asked very politely and they generously switched that option back on. Now the wait begins :)
Mine took quite some time to arrive, but it was worth the wait.

Nice boar. 😎 20201202_120427~2.jpg
Never had a problem with any boar on its first run.

Mondial sheds and eats lather as expected but produces plenty of good lather anyway. I will run it through a handful of shaves to build an educated opinion.
Mondial, oh Mondial... You can't believe how hard is to find an Italian made boar brush in Italy. Even worse they are made in Florence, the town where I grew and raised.

Discaimer: Mondial is not actually located in Florence but in "Impruneta", a very nice little town on the Tuscan hills 14km from Florence.

I never owned a Mondial boar, they are always "out of stock" at the usual European retailers and from now and then they appear branded as "Antica Barberia" at absurd prices (around $50) on Amazon. Living in Italy in the same region, I can't make myself buy an Mondial brush from Australia, it just feel wrong (and expensive). Mondial won't sell directly because I don't have a registered VAT number and they only sell in bulk. Their own online shop only sells badgers....

This is where Mondial brushes are produced by "Pennellificio Bagnoli 1908"

To cut a long story short, a few days ago I was having a stroll in the town I currently (temporarily) live and guess what. In a window of a hair and cosmetic products shop, I spotted a Mondial boar winking and teasing at me:

This exact brush, Mondial model 40057 with aluminum handle

The problem is I joined the annual purchase sabbatical just a week earlier :c4:
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