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    Molla brushes (aluminum ferule, wooden handle) pop up quite often in Hungary, but this bakelite version is the first I saw, so grabbed it asap. It has a storage compartment, I guess to hold a small alum block, “cute” feature.
    The knot came from a pn old NOS Czech Triumph brush, it’s held in place with CA so I can remove it if a better/more suitable knot appears.
    The inscription is “protected by law”, couldn’t find the number in the patent database so I think the brand name was registered.

    562D22A0-C867-41FC-82E2-8C914CC31ECF.jpeg 8E54E1BC-6AA1-4115-A742-7BE078C7A8B1.jpeg B0145318-0060-418B-9656-C6FEAECB79E1.jpeg

  1. Interesting. That the first bakelite brush I've seen and the first I've seen with a compartment In it. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Interesting and unique brush. Nice find.
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    Thanks for sharing your brush. Never seen one before.

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