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Bvlgari Aqva and Burberry Brit are my favorites. I'd love to get some Penhaligon's but unfortunately I haven't got the money right now.
I recently smelled the Kenneth Cole Reaction and I like it. As of now, however, my two favorites are Ralph Lauren Romance and Aqua di Gio. Since starting with the decant club the last month or two, I'd have to add the Taylor's #74 Limes EDT to my list of favorites too.
I'll put in another vote for the Kenneth Cole Reaction. Other than that I like almost anything Sandalwood scented.


Phog: I am not much of an earthy scent person, and Vetiver is not my cup of tea. One scent that they love at basenotes for rose is Lartisan's Voluer de Roses. Also some rose Creed is said to be good.

The English scents are more pure, not as synthetic and thusly, they represent more craftsmanship to my way of thinking. You want a leather smell, Spanish Leather by Trumpers really makes me think of riding the pamplonas. I went through a spell where I got what others tended to like (Acqua di Gio) and then what I wanted and unique (Villoresi colognes) but now, I get something that is unique and what my wife loves on me (Creed GIT)

Scotto said:
The KC Reaction smells like someone smashed a watermelon over your head. :wink: I have a bottle I have tried to sell for a long time now, and no takers. Such is life....

2 much ..........

Jil Sander for Men is really good. I have about half a bottle of Donna Karan's DKMEN from 1994. The stuff was awesome! It had scents of leather, petrol, and smoke blended in. Unfortunately, they discontinued it when Estee Lauder bought DK. It's extremely difficult to find now and commands prices north of $150 in some cases.
No too modern scents for me, not my thing...

Bought from E-bay: "Grigio Perla"-EdT from LaPerla and sometimes
"Kouros" by YSL


ASPJ said:
Le Male....by John Paul Gaultier is one of my favorites......The ladies love it as well:tongue_sm .....Adam

But the bottle... It's not right dammit! And the fact that you get a free pack of make-up for men with the special edition... And the horrible ad with the naked sailor. I've never even actually smelled it, it might be good, it's just so.... Gay.
Newish scents I like:
L'Artisan D'ZING!
L'Artisan Mure Et Musc
Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia
Polo Black
Castle Forbes Gentlemens Cologne
Castle Forbes Limes
Had a wiff of Obsession Night the other day and kind of liked it. i ordered a small bottle (15ml) and am looking forward to using it (my Girlfriend liked it very much as well.)
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