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I love all of the more traditional colognes I see mentioned here. I have sampled products from T&H and from Trumpers. I have purchased Woods of Windsor, Floris Santal, and a few from Caswell-Massey.

My question is, what do you gents use for more modern fragrances. I used Pierre Cardin since high school. Still enjoy it. Yesterda, I picked up a sample of Angel Men, and it has blown me away. Chocolate and Caramel? I truly enjoyed it today.

So, what are some of the more modern scents that you wear?

rtaylor61 said:
I love all of the more traditional colognes I see mentioned here. I have sampled products from T&H and from Trumpers. I have purchased Woods of Windsor, Floris Santal, and a few from Caswell-Massey.

My question is, what do you gents use for more modern fragrances. I used Pierre Cardin since high school. Still enjoy it. Yesterda, I picked up a sample of Angel Men, and it has blown me away. Chocolate and Caramel? I truly enjoyed it today.

So, what are some of the more modern scents that you wear?


Good post, Randy. I think we can have a tendency to get a bit hoity-toity about things, and ignore potentially good, modern scents. I think some of the stuff from Kenneth Cole is OK, such as Reaction. I also really liked the John Varvatos cologne I just got.
For synthetic department store scents I prefer:

Mont Blanc Presence
Boucheron Jaipur/Homme
Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey
Givenchy Gentlemen (Wore this in college)
John Varvatos (if you really have a need to be 'hoity-toity' you could also go with Le Dandy which is not modern but smells nearly identical to varvatos fragrance.. :wink: )
Chanel Egoiste
Sung Homme
Azzaro Visit
Zino Davidoff
Creed Himalaya
guenron said:
Your chick has good taste in colognes as well as wetshaving men! :wink:

funny story about drakkar: when in a bar with my girlfriend in dublin, ireland, i stepped into the bathroom to find they had a machine that dispensed colognes. so i deposited a euro and got a drakkar noir clone, and slapped it onto my neck and face. when i returned to our table i gave her a kiss and she said out loud "YOU USED THE VEND-A-SCENT!!!! YOU USED THE VEND-A-SCENT!!!"


I wear Creed Green Irish Tweed and Imperial, which for Creed are each one of their newer ones, but still over 20 years old each.

Dept. Store brands I used to buy:

Polo Safari and Polo Crest and Polo Sport
Calvin Klein Obsession and Eternity
Royal Copenhagen and Royal Copenhagen Musk
Halston Z-12
Channel Pour Monsieur
Givenchy Gentleman and Christian Dior Eau Savage, each in college

New stuff I like these days:

Piper Nigrum and Yerbamate by Villoresi
Eau des Iles by Maitre De Perfumer Gantier

Sinatra, I like the Burberry Brit also. I like my Dolce and Gabbana on some days too. I'm really looking forward to picking up a few of the scents that you guys rave about:)
I like Givenchy PI, Caswell-Massey Sandalwood. Joop, Burt's Bees Bay RUm-no longer made, Raw Vanilla, Vetiver and Rum-if you can find it. Skye by Trumpers, like the scent of John Varvatos but haven't purchased any yet. Oscar De la Renta pour Lui-wearing it as I write, Hugo Boss, Pinaud's Special Reserve-economical and underrated-try it!, Jaipur, Hanae Mori, Lagerfeld Classic, Escada Casual Friday, Angel, The Body SHop M EDT.
OH Randy you made my day Colognes .. IM A JUNKIE !!!!!!!!!
now you would think im the best man to know about Colognes..no not at all my cologne career started lifting off bank wrecking my savings account when I got started here at B&B I really was one of the guys that cared NOT about colognes I really never used them the only thing I would use after a shave would be some aftershave if I wasnt greedy enough to put down the money for it I think I usually used some kind of moisturiser after shaving and that was it.. I did use cologne when my Sister gave me Hugo Boss for my birthday I liked that smell and used it not even everyday. I do not smell and dont sweat easily not that that has anything to do with wearing a cologne but I might have tried it sooner if I was.

cologne just never made sense to me.. and since I HATED Shaving as much as going to a DENTIST you can imagine how hatefull that is ! and ive come to peace with both by the way I LOVE SHAVING and dont mind a good Dentist ! long story bad experience..but meeting a lovely lady dentist in Prague changed that..yep I was in for a Rootcanal.. no FUN ! there! but had skipped going to the Dentist for umm last visit was 1996 ! the diagnostic for my teeth I wont go into details not funny bill $1100 ..for 2 new fillings ,hygiene job, RTC , I still have to replace the temporary filling which has started to fall apart. and then I have years of Orthodentic treatments ahead and 4 wisdom teeths to be pulled out one growing 90 degree tilted hidden in the gums pushing against other teeth soon I will need a Chirgeon for that... but back to cologne.

I got intruiged by cologne Im guessing by reading all the SOTD, I was shocked how most of them ended with not just a balm but even a balm pref. scented after the same scent of lather and pref. then finishing it off with EDT with the same scent that was highly peculiar ! I saw how it all was very Zen like it became more of a become one with the shave or the shave became one with the person. like a ritual I started to see and find patterns in the SOTD.

How everyone really is looking for the perfect shave and that journey never ends and the endless combinations one can make shower vs prep vs razor vs blade vs cream vs soaps vs brushes vs a/s splashes vs a/s balms vs toners vs EDT vs EDP the mix there is endless and takes a life time but isnt that the fun of it ? Fun ? shaving and Fun ? slowly the light in the end of the shave tunnel appeared to me.

I was now looking at a different angle at shaving all by itself now, what if this was just another way to enrich your life
I mean what makes it that these guys have a better equiped bathroom that would put any ordinary beauty shop to shame!
Why is it I only shaved 2 times a week max ! and these guys go for it everyday and even twice if they only had a SASQUATCH
appearance which some of them pray to become like one day that sounded absurd or was it ?
Why cant they use a M3 like I do and "The Best a man can Get " one can lasts a cool 2+ months if your carefull with the lather
carefull ? and minimum lather ? for someone who only shaved twice a week ? and Id rather try to shave as fast as possible
always the one pass shave never against the grain was it a better shave then with the DE I get now I would really not know.

I never paid that much attention to it and I bet sometimes id get better shaves then a DE now but thats because im still a newbie
getting to refine my technique.
So after almost no sleep for one week going over as much articles at B&B I thought it was time to take the dive.
Got myself a tweez. brush just to see if I like wetshaving to be frank I think the best way to start is the C&E $35 brush
but thats easy looking back now.. I bought 2 tubes of 500ml Proraso cream who needs anything else? this stuff will last me for
years oh what good wont need anything else.. and I bought a thin adjustable Gillette thinking I won a Fatboy.
To make the story short im wondering off the thread now.. I WAS HOOKED.. offcourse the shaves didnt rival M3 how can they I used
Israeli PT 100 bulk buy from ebay.

I got to know Obsessis a bit by now and asked him if he had some Feathers or Swedish Gillettes to try for me.
The day the package arrived I was shocked it was stuffed full with cream samples , blades, PSO , and thats when trouble started.
I began to understand the way of the SOTD now... how fun it was not to use proraso everyday and how life became more fun.
Instead of a deadsure ritual that most men use which has a lattitude of ultra boredom same old..same old routine.
You now can include the shave on a more personal level ,how do you feel like , what events are planned for the day ? which
are quite important to know if you are going to finish it with some EDT/EDP it could matter of getting a new job or not!
nailing that big contract or not ! perhaps even meeting someone interesting or getting comments you'd never know all in all
use the nicest cologne you have in your arsenal or just what you felt like for this morning.
and yes its ok NOT to smell like AXE the big name amongst the common people.. luring you into believing use that and all the woman
drop down to your feet. at some point so many kids used that ,that classrooms began to stinch and teachers started to complain

No what these guys use at B&B is something different its Cologne and pref. made with high quality EO (essential Oils) a whole new world
opened. Started reading about what makes a good cologne the base notes,top notes, how it changes over the day reacting with body chemistry.
that all sounded like a big unknown ADVENTURE. and everyone likes a good adventure by now I had some different creams,and soaps
a crappy brush but 3 different razors and all the puzzle pieces started to come together lots of a/s but not so much as in
Cologne till I bought Crabtree & Evelyn Azzemour EDT 100 ml. (Unisex)

The box itself was an eyesight full of wonder very nice package and I now understood how by itself contributes to a certain
aspect at some point you cant display all the nice boxes or EDT in your bathroom it simply wont fit but only a very
few reach that status at B&B where they have to cramp everything into nice baskets or have even a special Shave DEN or
temple again the very few reach this status... your looking at years of shaving experience and investments with these guys.
dont even try to attempt it as a rookie you will find yourself with 2 day jobs and a nightshift job to payback the creditcard
bills your best bet is to keep a good eye on B&B each day because these guys are hunting the web for good sales and usually
a few fly by and then everyone hops on the train..so back to cologne. I tried it and it was just the finishing touch I needed
it all made sense now. the whole SOTD opened up like a pathway in the MATRIX I was hooked ! It made it all clear
like a good wine can compliment a great chef's food a great cologne will compliment the good shave and or set the pace of the
day and like wine will take a life time to discover so does Cologne the both are not so different as one might think.

So for now really not knowing anything about cologne I started finding rare and ancient colognes not made anymore offcourse
also taking the modern ones into account. my first samples were 3 vials from Penhaligons and the best ever day I had was when
I used Quercus the EDT stayed nearly the whole day cheering me up and being surrounded by this fresh complex scent.
So answering the Thread cologne well to me it is like good wine, it has to ripe and thats why im hunting for some of the most
obscure Cologne's who are not made any longer or unfamiliar brands yes I could have easily gotten myself a shavemac or even a simpson
but the cologne im a sucker for it....perhaps making up for lost youth ?

My wine cellar oops Cologne cellar looks at the moment like this these are all Obscure to me..

- Aqua di Gio Armani (not tried)
- Crabtree & Evelyn Azzemour EDT( very warm very rosey flowery not sissy!)
- B&B Cologne ( very rare complex out of this world smell ! screams MASCULINE the older it gets the better it will be wish id gotten 150ml to use for cooking ! ):tongue:
- QED 101 sample ( its a bit too Citrus in the beginning but faints into an acceptable smell shortly afterwards )
- Quercus penhaligons sample ( very very nice ! must get me some if the B&B decant club has it)
- Floris Santal EDT ( awesome smells like M7 but in its own right ! sweet flowery but masculine enough ) (2 bottles!!!)
- Floris Special #127 (smells very oriental VERY strange one will try it tommorow for a 2nd run )
- TNT EDT (cheapo cologne which smells very sportive ok for casual wear )
- JUST PERFECT" E.D.P. (not tried)
- Mambo For Men By Liz Claiborne sample ( most amazing fresh vigorant fruity cologne ever I must buy this! )
-Club MED EDT ( el Cheapo for casual wear sometimes i spray it on the chest before going to sleep )
- 4711 EDT (need I say anything ? Kolnisch wasser jawohl ! )
- All the men Cologne by Floris 2ml sample vials.
-Quorum EDT ( very very strong Tabac like not sure if this is my ballgame might need to pass it on )
-T&H Grafton (got stolen too bad another time then )

As you can see im just a beginner but oh some wine are so lovely.. ok dont get me started on Whisky oh Talisker !
Sorry about ranting on and on but I really havent been this excited in a long time only when I played the Nocturne #9 from Chopin
and that was some excitement ! :001_rolle
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