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Modern razor with vintage tech performance

Thanks for that. I have purchased a RR game changer 68 and im looking forward to its arrival

If you’re so inclined, I hand buffed mine starting with Noxon, then followed up with Flitz in the gray tube for a near mirror like shine.


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Hello all.

Can anybody reccomend a modern razor that performs as welll as a vintage gillette tech, money no object? I have heard that techs are mild but very efficient.
The Baili and RR DE1 are pretty much the same razors and would fit the bill, but the GC68-P is a very smooth and mild razor. I loved mine until I got a GC84-P.


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Not that Gillette needed more props for the old Tech, but the fact that there are so many recommendations and that they are all good is quite a testimonial.
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