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Modern razor like Gillette RFB?

I've fallen in love with my tech handle no 77 raised flat bottom and now want to go the extra mile and acquire a mint no 88. I've found a dead mint one with box and case for a few hundred dollars, but before spending that kind of cash I wanted to check here and see if there are any modern equivalents. Does anybody make a replica or something that shaves the same way and has the same maneuverability afforded by the thin head?
In my shaving experiences I can think of a couple off the top of my head. A Paradigm 17 4 which is a smooth efficient razor. A bit more efficient than the RFB but has a similar face feel. Same with the WR1 .80 DC. I can think of a couple of others but they don't have a low profile head like the RFB or the 2 others I mentioned.

+1! I have a WR1 that is similar. The RFB and WR1 are both WONDERFUL!! :a14::a14:

I have not tried the Paradigm.
I know some will poo poo for whatever reason but try the Razorock Teck II before laying out large. Cost ya a pint or two. I prefer it to any of my Techs or Long Combs.
Game Changer is terrific. How a shave feels is 100% subjective so all I can see is that they don't really share a similar geometry so I would expect a different feel. Definitely one of my favorite razors though (the .84) and a steal at the asking price.


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The Vintage Gillette Raised Flat Bottom Razor (thanks Todd)
Was made just for ME . I have the RR GC with both plates and the Karve with the C and D plate
and a Timeless .95 OC and have shaved with .68 Timeless
They all are very nice but The RFB has something the others don't ...............History !


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The RFB epiphany I had this week was, anyone who recognizes the RFB razor as KING ... has also shaved with most/every other vintage razor ... to see this truth.

So there's a lot of collectors here ... each with a LOT of razors ...

I'm no Tech expert, but I have three of them:
- 1970 model with what I think is a zinc alloy head
- RFB model with a brass head
- Pre-WW2 model with a brass head and triangular slots on the baseplate
I use them interchangeably with a fat hollow handle, a ball-end solid metal handle and a micarta handle made by the late Cooncat Bob.

I rank the pre-WW2 VERY slightly in the lead, with the RFB 2nd but superb and the 1970 a clear 3rd but still very good. Others prefer the RFB, and I wouldn't disagree. It's that close. I'm sure some prefer the more recent models, but they're not in evidence on B&B.

Many guys with heavier beards find Techs too mild, and I see why. But for guys with light-to-medium beards, they're terrific. I've tried more than a dozen modern DEs (including Merkur HD, Feather AS-D1 & D2, Pils and a few Muhles and iKons) and sold them. My ATT slants feel more luxurious than the Techs, and my Shavecraft 102 has a feel all it's own, but I could live with just the Techs. It's a mystery to me why no one has reproduced a Tech with modern materials and precise manufacturing.

there are no direct replicas, as far as I know. Rfb-s are still rather affordable, so a replica isn’t worth the time and effort, imho. Modern razors have way too much material, so besides the looks, the weight will be also off.
A few hundreds for an 88, even if it just came from the factory, is steep, they are not that rare.

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