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Modern May Challenge 2022

For the month of May, who wants to challenge themselves to use there most Modern razors?

After vintage April, my poor new razors are feeling neglected. So how about dedicating May to those shiny new razors? I had two ideas to what modern is. Maybe it’s where Vintage April left off, ~1971 on? Or possibly it’s 21st century razors? I think I’ll just leave it up to y’all.

who’s in:
1. Texchappy
I only have modern razors.... but I'll be changing blade types and manufacturers... so that changes the razor. ;) I'll play along.

As someone else said...there is no reason there can't be more than one May thread..... there were two in April... vintage and adjustables.
Come on folks, let's get more onboard this modern kick. I'm in! After doing a month with my vintage razors it will be nice to do a month with my modern razors. This thread can become a nice collection of thoughts on various razors for others to refer to as they consider buying a razor.

1. Texchappy
2. Phoenixkh
3. MaineYooper
4. Bobby B
5. dmshaver
Here’s my latest modern razor buys and I’ll be choosing one to start the challenge, probably the ATT SE slant.
Every day, some days, no days. It’s all about enjoyable, fun , good shaves with modern gear. Semper Gumby!
I will be using two razors.... the same razors, but with two different finishes.. one will be matte (my first Claymore Evolution); the second will be the Claymore Evolution highly polished razor. I haven't used it yet but will for this the month of May here.

I've been using the ESC Claymore Evo matte finish exclusively since Feb. 18th. I'm not a daily shaver now that I'm retired. The goal is to shave every other day.... but I miss a few shaves along the way. I'm in the middle of a blade experiment so I'll have to figure out a way to do that and get the polished Claymore Evo into a rotation. I might end up using it with blades I already know, like the Feather SE AC ProGuard. That way I might get a clue to the differences between the matte and the polished razors.

Anyway, my posts might have more interest to me than anyone else. Just two modern razors with 5 or 6 different Artist Club blades installed.
OK, To list them...
Baili Rose Gold, FOCS, Fatip Grande, Henson AL13 Med, Krave CB (3 plates), Merkur 37C, Muhle R106, Parker VARSC, Razorock Lupo, Rockwell 6C, Timeless 38, Timeless 78, Yaqi Slant OC, Mongoose Alumigoose, Occam's, OneBlade Core, Razorock Hawk, Supply.


Using one a day and all settings and plates should cover 30 shaves. This will be fun. Get to break out some stuff I haven't used in a few years. I will put up a few pics.
An unfortunate beginning in one way to Modern May based on two choices. Firstly, I have been soaking a boar brush for three days to break it in since I haven’t had much luck with it. Just can’t get it to keep the lather for a second pass. Secondly, used a Parker adjustable injector that I got a couple of days ago. I used the blade that came in it and hopefully it was dull because it just wouldn’t cut my beard. So here’s what I ended up with and it actually worked quite well…
GFT limes skin food as a preshave
ATT SE slant AC blade slant with a Kai Pink guard (6)
St James Lavender and Geranium cream with Ferrari red Plisson synthetic
St James lavend and geranium a/s
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