Modern Machined Stainless Steel Adjustable Toggle

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    Ha. Yeah this razor is too pricey for me. However I have dropped good money on quality, tailored shirts.
  1. Not that I care for the razor but I predicted a $350 - $400 price a few months back. Conservatively.
    And I said that production will not sustain. But it's their razor - they can put whatever price they want. :001_tt2:
  2. I prefer living the dream of walking into a junk store and finding the real deal boxed and all for a tenner.

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    Kind of like @*Terence* did.
    The way I recall the story, he walks into a antique store practically in my backyard the first day they put a NOS Toggle complete with crisp instructions. I don't know how much he paid exactly, but I know it was less than $100.
  4. It’s real.

    @bobmsp and I met with Eric last night at a local brewery. We got to play with an engineering sample that was about 85% complete, minus the doors. It’s an impressive piece, and Eric is equally impressive in his knowledge, skills, and abilities.

    You would think it would be easy to replicate 1950’s technology with all the advantages of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing)


    There’s a fair amount of high tech manufacturing in the Twin Cities. Companies like 3M, Honeywell, Medtronic, Alliant Tech Systems. Eric approached a number of prototyping shops that basically claim they do the impossible(or at least extremely difficult) on a daily basis. Pretty much all of them said “nope. We can’t make that.”

    Most folks would take them at their word, and quit. File it away as an interesting excercise. Eric persisted until he found a guy to take it on. You can’t help but admire that kind of determination. Throughout our conversation, he repeatedly voiced his admiration for what Gillette engineers and machinists pulled off in the 50’s.

    The razor itself is a tad wider along the handle, and a touch heavier. Feel and balance is good. His attention to detail of every aspect is amazing.

    No, this won’t be for everybody. The price will be an obstacle for most. But it most certainly will be something special.

    Then there’s potential future projects......:a17:
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    The price makes me gasp, but after talking with Eric, I get the sense that you're getting your money's worth. I've never used a Toggle and adjustables don't generally excite me. But I must say that I'm at least intrigued by this one. Eric has literally spent hours with each of the pieces in this razor thinking about the best way that they can interact with the others and the most efficient way for production. Nothing in the razor is press-fit. My takeaway is that every connection will be solid with the idea that there will be no loosening of things as the razor ages. I imagine this thing will be a tank that can be used for decades if not centuries.
  6. I am looking forward to hearing your guys thoughts on this razor. I love the idea but it seems very bulky
  7. It actually feels pretty good in the hand. Well balanced, and good weight feel.I did encourage him to pay attention to the feel of the knurling, or whatever will go on the handle
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    UPDATE: All 51 Limited Edition Janus Toggles are reserved as of last night. Considering the success of the limited edition run pre-sales I think Eric will be producing more in the future. Number 5!!! The only number 5. Mine.

    I can't decide which color combo to get. Decisions decisions. Leaning towards the silver with gold trim.
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  9. I was not aware that there are color choices. My impression was that all 51 would be polished stainless with a few special touches.
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    Hmm. You could be right about that. I may be misremembering details from the first launch. I am good to go with the polished stainless if so.
  11. The first 51 are all SS with special red markings that will not be made again.
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    Thanks for the clarification. I'm happy to be getting one in any case. And happy for Eric. Would have been a shame if all his time and dedication was for naught.

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