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    I'd like to see a modern injector - not a clone of an original, that is lightweight and nimble, IE not the Supply. It's a nice razor, buts is heavy and not particularly nimble. I haven;t tried the mingoose but I think it's no longer made. I have heard rumors, but nothing substantial. Would anyone else like to see a modern interpretation of a injector razor?
  1. I get what you are saying, my Supply gives me really great shaves, but the vintage Schicks are lighter and just feel effortless. Maybe a Supply with a aluminum or titanium hande?
  2. I would like to see them make one just to see what original ideas they would come up with. The more innovation that is brought to wet shaving the more it may open it up to the masses. Well probably not, we are a pretty niche group but anything is possible.

    I don't think I'd be interested in purchasing one for 2 main reasons:

    I don't think they could make a modern one that would shave better than my Schick's
    I don't think it they could put it in a price range that I'd be willing to pay

    Maybe they can prove me wrong and I'd happily eat these words.
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  3. There is still hope that one day the Bunny V3 (or V4 I suppose) might be available.

    Link: The Bunny!

    A modern injector razor so good that I have two :)
  4. I really wish that someone would bring out an accurate reproduction of the Type F. It shouldn't be difficult, and it is truly a superb razor.
  5. That would be great because I am not willing to pay the price for a real one :)
  6. If someone made a quality, modern Schick Adjustable at a decent price, I’d be on that in a heartbeat.
  7. Not sure if this is what you are talking about or not? This is a Schick I bought 20 years ago in high school. I had bought some blades for my grandad's old schick injector, and on the side of the blade box...made by Warner-Lambert Co., it said "For a new Schick Injector Razor, send this amount to"...cant remember how much, wasn't much, maybe $7-$10? i received the razor after a few weeks and have had it ever since. It's SUPER light weight, rubber grip easy to hold, and it gives a baby-bottom smooth shave with the right prep. Not sure what model it is?


    IMG_8696.JPG IMG_8698.JPG IMG_E8699.JPG IMG_E8706.JPG
  8. The shorter one looks to be a Type L. The longer one is a Type O. Both will take the twin blades, as well as the single ones.
  9. That was EXACTLY why I sent mine back. Look at most SE designs, they are not heavy chunky/clunky razors. But the fashion today is to break out a hunk of stainless and the milling machine and go to town. The original Gems and Injectors were great. I do have one moder SE, the RazoRock Hawk V2 in aluminum, which is nice.

    The common thinking seems to be if you can't improve on the original, make the new one heftier.
  10. Maggards has the Mingoose
  11. I'd like to see a new lightweight injector as well .. but apparently the folks who have been ginning up $200+ GEM style razors don't believe in the injector format. I hear you on the Supply, but then think why worry as there are still a billion Schicks floating in the 'Bay for pennies, and they don't hardly wear out
  12. But at 3.6oz it's FAR from lightweight and nimble. A stick of butter is 4oz. This is the stuff that I and I think few other SE enthusiasts are interested in. It's the reason why we buy the vintage. Modern typically falls short.
  13. If Blackland made a standard injector width version of the AC blade Vector I'd be on it. For now I just pretend my Enders Speed is a modern razor. There's not much to improve upon if you're ok with light.

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  14. I think a lot of SE enthusiasts are ok with and prefer light(er) razors. It's the DE folks that try to combine shaving and weightlifting ;)
  15. Tried an SE-1 or S2? Anvil.

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  16. Oh man, you hit the nail right on the head with that one.! I have pretty much forsaken DE and am enjoying the lightweight, nimble and efficient injectors.
  17. I don't mean to imply that DE is the only world in which heavy razors exist. It does seem to be the world in which they they are lauded and appreciated. The impression that I have is the SE community tends to shun heavy razors.
  18. The success of the SE1 and SE2 suggests some diversity of opinion. I don't get it myself.

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  19. If you can even find a real one I have looked!!!!!!!!

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