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Modern Espresso vs traditional

Did you search the interwebs to see if the grinder could be "zeroed" out to a finer position? That would allow the first setting to grind a bit finer, but still might not do what you need. I no longer remember the details of how it was done, but my Kitchenaid stepped grinder could be fine tuned this way, taking the control mechanism off to allow the underlying grind to dialed down just a bit. It did not change the distance between steps, just where the first step started.
This thread has inspired me to get a new machine. Also the fact that my old machine is a steam powered cheap Krupps and is now taking almost 2 minutes draw for some unknown reason. Cleaning it didn't seem to help. Lasted 21 years. I'll be experimenting tomorrow morning with some Starbucks *blonde* espresso. All the little tricks I learned from dealing with this old machine's inconsistencies are going bye bye. Hopefully my brain isn't mutilate beyond repair from using steam powered for so long.
Nowadays many people gravitate to milk based espresso drinks like cafe latte or Cappuccino. Also lots more people are using milk alternatives, like oat milk. If you are one of those people, I have an inexpensive, quick, and easy suggestion. Buy a Bialetti stovetop coffee maker, a can of either Cafe Bustelo or La Llave, and an Aerolatte or similar inexpensive frother. Load and start the Bialetti, heat your milk (I go about a minute in the microwave), froth your hot milk, and add the coffee. If those types of coffee beverages are a regular habit, using this instead of paying coffee store prices at places like Starbucks will recoup your investment in a few weeks, and it makes a superb and very consistent beverage.
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