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Modern DE razor question

My sons were born in 2010 and 2012, do modern razors have date codes like vintage Gillette razors? I would love to get their birth year razors and give them to my boys as a gift when they get older. Thanks for the help fellas
That would have been my guess. Although the "ship has sailed" a compromise might be to buy then a nice beginner kit w/ a dated sales recietpt. Birth date would rock, but razor, brush, bowl, stand and a hearty selection of blades, maybe some high end soaps that could łast till they need um. Too cool.
I know the Above the Tie razors have the year engraved on them but I don't know if they have it from those years.
Although I don't think many new razors are dated, I could imagine it wouldn't be too bad to get a couple engraved. You could even get their initials put in.
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