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Modern DE Blades And Older Gillette Razors?

Just wondering about which older, pre-1940ish Gillette safety razors can use the modern blades without performing any tricks and modifications such as shimming.

I've heard/read that some of them can't.

New to all this, so I would like your advice.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


Actually, David, all vintage Gillettes can use modern blades as is. The Old Types (made 1903-1929) and the New Improved (made from 1921-1929) razors were both designed for the thicker blades, but still work fine. Although, to simulate the thicker blade you can use a shim under the modern blade to lift it of the comb.
I've never experience any Gillette which a new blade can't be used in. I've used them dating back to 1920.
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