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Modern artist club vs twin injector

For those of you lucky ones that have used the newer artist club razors (Blackland Vector, Paradigm SE, ATT SE1) and injector razors that take the Schick twin blades, what is your opinion on the two? Do you have a preference?

For quick reference, I do a 2 pass shave with touch ups. For the first pass, I shave WTG for 1 stroke then use my free hand to apply bloom water to the shaved area and shave at an angle between WTG/XTG over the same spot that I just shaved. Then I move into the next spot and repeat WTG then WTG/XTG. After this process, I relather and do a strict ATG pass including touch ups around my Adam apple and chin.

I have the Vector and ATT SE1 and use them with schick proline blades. The first shave on the proline blades give me the closest shaves of my life. However, the blades dull quickly after the 3rd shave and I am forced to change the blade after 8 shaves. I notice that my hair grows back noticeably sooner after each consecutive shave on the blade. After 7ish shaves on the blade, I have to start going over areas multiple times to get a clean shave plus i feel like the blade starts pulling the hair instead of slicing them. Sometimes when the blade pulls the hair out, small drops of blood appear. I also feel like I have to concentrate more with the artist club blades because they are more prone to nick when using the slightest pressure and also when I am not shaving with an extremely shallow angle.

When using injectors, mainly the O clone, with schick twin blades, the blade is incredibly sharp for the first 3-4 shaves. After 4 shaves, the blade turns super smooth and I am able to fly through shaves without really paying attention to keeping an extremely shallow angle and I am able to use some pressure without causing nicks. The blades stay buttery smooth for nearly 20 shaves. I’ve pushed the blade to 30+ shaves and the only difference I notice is that my hair grows back sooner. I don’t ever feel any tugging even with a lot of mileage on the blade.

If anyone’s curious, DE razors would not work for me. Even the rigid designed razors, wolfman and timeless, would allow the blade to flex which causes bleeding and ingrown hairs. The second shave on a DE blade was always horrible because they tug and pull my hair when shaving ATG. Also, my hair wouldn’t grow back in uniform meaning some parts of my neck/face would grow back faster than others so it would look funny.

Gem razors with Gem PTFE blades, I get 2-3 great shaves but I always notice the slightest of tugging when shaving ATG, compared to artist club blades and twin injector blades. I would have to change the GEM blades after 4-5 shaves because they would start pulling the hairs leading to blood and ingrown hairs.
Twin blades gives me ingrown hairs, I don't use them. I only use Schick Proline and GEM SS PTFE blades. I apply lather once and only shave ATG, my razor doesn't stop until I'm BBS... I get 20 or so shaves from either with SE1 or MMOC. I flip the blade over after each shave...
Both blade types are excellent, but I prefer the twins as being a little smoother and more forgiving. I've never had even a weeper with a twin blade. The twin blades also last longer for me.
Agree with xxvaleria, i find the twin blades to be superb. They last forever and provide me with an outstanding shave, day after day. The only downside for me is that i have a large selection of razors, so locking myself down to use one for 30-40 shaves is a bit of a chore. I guess thats a backhanded complement.

I have played with all the AC blades and do prefer the Prolines in all my AC razors. I get ~15 shaves from each. Just picked up the Paradigm SE and for me its materially better than all the other AC razors that i have (ATT SE1 / SE1, Razorock Hawk 1 / 2, Asylum RX, Colonial Aluminium, Colonial Brass, Ikon El Hefe, Mongoose). I haven't put my finger on exactly why, but it does force a really shallow angle. Super smooth and decently efficient. Its no Asylum RX efficient, but does a great job.

Comparing the two blades, i like em both, but for different reasons. The twin is super smooth, efficient, great ATG and lasts forever, whereas the AC is less smooth, but can be more efficient depending on the razor. I have a place for both in my life
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