MMOC and PTFE blade - Determining to go modern, Part 2

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    I had a very good plan which I put into effect on this past Thursday. I had decided to order some Gem PTFE blades, use them for about 3 weeks exclusively in MMOC and MMCP razors, then decide whether I liked that type of blade for shaving enough to purchase a modern razor, either an ATT G1 or a Blackland Sabre. I thought it was a good, sensible, logical plan. My wife actually agreed with me.

    On Wednesday I received my Gem PTFE blades from Connaught, so Thursday morning I loaded one into one of my MMOCs (chose a nickel plated "bumped" model) and shaved a five day growth. It was a very nice, enjoyable shave.

    So I ordered an ATT G1.
  1. Sounds like the plan fell through...?

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  2. I thought you were going to say that you purchased both. I LOVE my sabre, if you ever have the opportunity to get one, do it! :)
  3. Makes perfect sense to me!
  4. I would have bought more GEM PTFE blades or another Micromatic.

    Another Micromatic. I already have hundreds of those blades.
  5. Totally agree with @riverrun on this one. But I also want to point out that there are many different GEM and or GEM-related vintages -- from VERY vintage (lather catchers, Damaskeenes, 1912s) to more modern vintages (Featherweight, G-bar, Push Buttons) -- you can try MANY different SE-vintage razors for the price of a single modern razor. Admittedly, I'm a self-confessed vintage-snob; and I've never tried an ATT or Blackland razor; but the excellent shaves and the economics just favor vintages, in my opinion.

    In any case, I hope you'll join us over at the Micromatic Monday thread -- we'd love to hear about your Micromatic shaves!!!
  6. Wow, talk about a joke falling flat...

    Oh, well. In any case, for the record: I have lost count of all the vintage GEM razors I own. No lather catchers, however. But I'm not interested in collecting any more vintage razors. I have all the micromatics. Open combs through bullets. I only use the OC and CP these days. I probably have at least half a dozen of the open combs and a couple of each variation of the clog prufs. I had ten blades from tryablade, and when those ran out I was so busy trying other razors I never got around to really getting serious about the micromatics. The only thing I knew for sure was that I like the micromatics over all the 1912 razors I own by far. Now I have 200 blades, so I think I will be able to give everything a fair shake. But I really don't need any more micromatics.

    I just thought it was funny how RAD can take a sensible plan and smash it like a sledge hammer would an ant.
  7. You should have gotten the Sabre ;)
  8. NoScrubs

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    I owned the Sabre-both plates, and the Vector. Sold the Sabre kept the Vector. When I am interviewing an older Gillette TTO that I could not resist buying and it just does not complete the job the Vector steps in and finishes the job.

    I am still working on my GEM technique but found that I had either too many GEMS or duplicates of the same GEM style (one gold or one silver or one GEM and one Ever-Ready) so I held back four GEMS (MMOC, G Bar, GEM 1930's, and Damaskeene) and posted the balance for sale.
  9. Oh, just give me just one shave with the G1. I'm sure I'll be ordering a Sabre the next day.
  10. I actually have my first MMOC coming in the mail today. It will be my first SE razor and am excited to try it out. I was tempted to buy the ATT G1 but after browsing here decided instead to spend the $20 on a mint MMOC instead. I'm gonna try it out and see if I like it, and if I do, the ATT is gonna be my next purchase.
  11. Not to discourage you from buying a new razor, but I would caution you regarding using the MMOC as a reference. The GEM 1912s were my first razors when I started wet shaving. I used them for months. Then I went to DE razors for a couple of years, but revisited GEM razors at the end of 2015 when I went on an ebay spree and ended up with a drawer full of micromatics of all variations. I quickly discovered that I really liked the upped efficiency of the MMOC and never went back to the 1912 razors.

    The ATT G1 was designed to shave like the classic 1912. Stan has said so himself numerous times. So if you really like the MMOC, be ready for the ATT G1 to be significantly milder. Everyone that has reported on the Sabre has stated that the level 2 is equal to or just a hair less efficient than the MMOC, depending on who is doing the shaving. No one has said the Sabre L2 is more aggressive or efficient than an MMOC. So if you really love the MMOC, I think the Sabre L2 is your modern.

    My saying that may seem a bit contradictory, given my OP. My motive was more about the humorous aspect of RAD. When I went back to test out the MMOC, I was really trying the blades more than I was the razor. Now that I've had a few years using quality DE blades and AC blades, I was ready to see how the GEM blades stack up. Right now after only three shaves with the GEM PTFE, I would have to say the jury is still out for me. I think it seems like the GEM blades are not quite as sharp as my Feather AC blades, but I really need to do some serious A/B testing to be sure. However, one thing I am quite certain about is that the GEM blades for me are smooth. So I ordered an ATT G1 because I want a mild GEM razor to use for one or two day growth, the Sabre is not in the budget right now, and because the G1 head is $99 and I think it's cool looking. Since I already have the ATT SE1 and SE2, I've got my favorite handle for the G1 already.

    I think $20 for a mint MMOC is a very good price. Kudos. 1912s are also dirt cheap on the bay. Just get a user grade for $10 or so and try it out if you like the GEM blades and the MMOC. Maybe even a MM "G bar". Those are supposed to be really mild, also. I have a G bar in a drawer, but I haven't used it in years. So many razors, so little time...
  12. You will buy a Sabre. You will love it.

    It quickly become one of my top razors.
  13. I think the G1 looks cooler than the Sabre, too. Never tried either.

    I have and enjoy both the MMOC and the 1912 style (GEM Junior, in my case). So I don't think it's mutually exclusive. If I can enjoy both the MMOC and the GEM Jr, why couldn't somebody enjoy both the G1 and the Level 2 Sabre?
  14. 93F620DA-3F88-460A-9AE6-E3A441D0593F.jpeg

    Just arrived. Just a tiny bit of clean up and it’s ready try out in the am.
  15. Beauty! Congrats. Looking forward to your shave review.

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