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Mixing scents?

What effect does mixing an aftershave scent on top of the shave soap/cream have? As in, if you use scent X to shave with, then scent Z for aftershave, how does that effect things?

I haven't gotten a decent supply of products yet, so I don't know myself here.
Most creams or soaps are not that strong to leave a scent. I've never had a problem mixing different scents of shaving creams/soap and A/S balms.

I've never used the same scented shaving cream with aftershave... Although I don't really use aftershave. I use a post-shaving balm/gel/cream and then, before getting dressed, put on cologne.

I use whatever shaving cream scent strikes me that morning. I even use different post-shave treatments on different parts of my face & neck! I usually use Trumper's Skin Food on the face & cheeks, and then (after the skin food dries) I slather on some NancyBoy post-shave gel on the neck. The scents are distinctly different, but I never notice any clashing at all... And by the time I put on the cologne, a good few minutes has passed so that the only LASTING scent is the cologne.
If you mix incorrectly, you will create a rift in the space-time continuum, sucking all life into a vortex of doom.

Or, the scent of the aftershave will fade, not interfering with anything.

Take your pick. :arf:
I believe they interact briefly, but soaps'/creams' scents seem to dissipate quickly IME. I sort of pair the two, but pay more attention to the AS/cologne combination.
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