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Mixing Lime Sec


The Men Who Sniff at Goats
It's not candy-ish at all, not to me nor Lady Zig. I even asked our daughter (Mini Zig) to smell it. She said it's like fresh limes.
Maybe I just got a good batch?

It definitely smells limey. So you, yours truly and Mini Zig don’t smell any sweetness at all?


The Men Who Sniff at Goats
Just the normal scent of a lime. It doesn't last long at all, but it's $11 for 12 ounces.

I really like it. I prefer it over Island Lime. While It doesn’t smell like a natural, earthy scent of lime like the Dominica knock offs of the world, it’s still an outstanding lime scent.

If you like menthol, you can mix it in equal parts with Osage Rub for some Bootlegger’s Green Freeze.

I have been experimenting lately with the Lime Sec from Pinaud and their Classic Vanilla. It’s kinda hot like a, “lime Skin Bracer” ….thing, going on. :)
What is this blasphemy!!! We can’t go mixing the Veg with other splashes. We’ll all be excommunicated by the lilac gods.
Mixing it with something might be the only way to use it. Of course, it might just end up smelling like an air freshener in a highway rest stop restroom. Better than without the air freshener. I guess. 🤢
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